Social Activities: Definition, Benefits, and Various Examples of Activities

In essence, humans are social creatures, when they are in a social environment they will carry out their respective roles. This role is in accordance with the will and ability possessed, social activities will usually involve many people and solely not for personal gain.

However, the social class system in fact creates economic, cultural, and social boundaries and barriers that prevent association with other groups. Character education here aims to avoid the occurrence of social boundaries within groups that exist in the classroom environment.

Another goal of character education is to form a nation that is strong, competitive, has noble character, is moral, tolerant, works together, has a patriotic spirit, develops dynamically, is science and technology oriented, all of whom are imbued with faith and piety to God Almighty.

In social care, humans are expected to be able to develop attitudes and actions that always want to provide assistance to others. This social caring character is needed by the community as a provision to live in their social environment, while the most important social element is interaction between humans.

All values ​​regarding social care we get through the environment. Social concern in question is not to interfere in other people’s affairs, but rather to help solve the problems faced by other people with the aim of goodness and peace. Those embedded values ​​will later become our conscience to always help and look after others.

Having a social spirit and being happy to help is a universal teaching and is recommended by all religions. Even so, the sensitivity to do all that cannot just grow in everyone because it requires a process of training and educating. Having a caring soul for others is very important for everyone because we cannot live alone in this world.

Environmental factors are of course very influential in the process of fostering a spirit of social care. The immediate environment, such as family, friends, and the community where we grow up and socialize, has a big influence in determining the level of social awareness.

Darmiyati Zuchdi (2011) explains that social care is an attitude and action that always wants to provide assistance to people in need. Talking about social care issues, cannot be separated from social awareness. Social awareness is the ability to understand the meaning of social situations. It really depends on empathy for others. Based on some of these opinions, it can be concluded that social care is an attitude of always wanting to help others in need and is based on a sense of awareness.

Social concern also relates to society and societal characteristics that pay attention to the public interest. There are many manifestations of social care, one of which follows what is in the environment, namely carrying out social activities. This series of activities certainly has benefits for everyone involved in it.

Social activities are caring for other people who do have limitations. Social activities also vary, such as social services or social activities that are often carried out by corporations with free health checks, the Campagne movement to defend a group.

There are several factors that encourage individuals to help or assist. The first factor is values ​​. Religion is included in this values ​​factor , how can we get appreciation from the Creator. Community concern is the second factor with the similarity of certain tribes, races or ethnicities. There is a special attachment to this community concern . There are those who feel that after they help or help them get their own pleasure.

Apart from that, there is also the factor of understanding other people , understanding other cultures or other places and there is motivation for that. Then, there is personal development , how to meet new people which is self-development can certainly be a factor in helping others.

From a psychological point of view, the benefits derived from social activities carried out by people will feel their own satisfaction. You can make people happy and at the end of the day you can get happiness.


Definition of Social Activities

Social activities are agendas carried out together with elements of society, especially those in the surrounding environment. Activities carried out because they want to achieve a common goal, on that basis social activities will always involve the participation of the community. Many things can be done with social circumstances.

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In another sense, a person has a desire to do something where what is done has many benefits and is not profit-oriented. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, social activities come from the word social.

Social which is always related to society, social which is also related to the public interest. This nature is concerned with the public interest, the nature of which is more concerned with the public interest, helping each other and others. This activity is more directed at something that involves the community in various types of activities in it.

Characteristics of Social Activities

As for a social activity has several characteristics that indicate it. Here are some of these characteristics.

1. Have an Intention to Help Each Other

The intention to help each other is the earliest stage to carry out social activities. Which means, social activities should not be ridden by certain parties that can harm others. The losses referred to are not only material, but also moral in the community environment.

2. Is in the Public Interest

The purpose of this activity is to provide something useful for many people. Where activities are based on humanity and not to fulfill the interests of a party.

3. There is a Responsible Party

Implementation of activities requires a person or institution to be responsible for all actions in order to avoid things that could become misunderstandings. The existence of a responsible party is expected to make activities run smoothly and there are no things that are diverted.

4. Clear Activity Goals

The intended party in this activity is clear and truly exists. This is so that the activities run smoothly and the objectives of the activities can be conveyed properly.

5. Community Engaging Activities

Society is the main component in the implementation of social activities. For this reason, this activity always requires the participation of the people in the area. They can ultimately benefit directly from every action taken during the activity.

6. Done in the Community Environment

The place of implementation of the activity is not carried out in a luxurious place, but in the vicinity of the community’s residence. This will make it easier for local people and give a better impression.


Benefits of Social Activities

In addition to being beneficial to those who are targeted, social activities also provide many benefits for those who carry them out. Here are some of these benefits.

1. Sharpen Communication Skills

Whether you realize it or not, your communication skills will improve once you take part in a social activity. The reason is, you are required to communicate intensely with other volunteers so that activities can run well.

2. Increase Knowledge and Skills

Being in a social activity or organization allows you to gain new knowledge or skills, such as organizational management or how to raise funds. You can hone the skills you already have, especially when the role you hold fits that.

3. Build Confidence

How is it possible that a social activity can build a person’s self-confidence? The answer is simple, by completing a project, you certainly feel that you have a stake in it. Regardless of the size of the role you hold, you have contributed according to your abilities. What’s more, the activities carried out benefit others. This will give you a feeling of pride in yourself, which in turn will also lead to increased self-confidence.

4. Expanding the Network

Being active in an activity that involves many people will certainly expand the network you have. An extensive network will help you to develop, both personally and professionally. Getting to know people with different characters and backgrounds will enrich life values ​​and broaden associations.

5. Opening Job Opportunities

Increasing the network will indirectly open up opportunities for self-sufficiency. One example is when your volunteer partner is working in a field of work, where he is in need of someone with the skills you have, won’t your chances of getting a job increase? Likewise, with more information related to job vacancies, you can get more.

6. Gaining Valuable Experience

Participating in social activities is a valuable experience that cannot be valued in money. You also don’t need to spend capital in the form of money to be active. Instead, give the energy, time, and abilities that you have. Uniquely, several companies are now considering volunteer experience as an important criterion in employee recruitment. This is because they are considered to have experience in organization and project management.

7. Become More Grateful and Happier

The experience of social activities will bring out a sense of gratitude, especially because we have seen many people with more difficult circumstances. Complain less, thank more or “more grateful than blaming the situation”, maybe that’s the attitude that over time will build up inside. With gratitude, it will be easier for us to feel happy, even for the small things around us.


Examples of Social Activities

Social Activities in the Community

Forms of social care can be manifested in the environment a person lives in and interacts with other people, which is commonly called the social environment. According to Elly M. Setiadi, the social environment refers to the environment in which a person carries out social interactions, both with family members, friends, and other larger social groups (2012). Buchari Alma, et al (2010) divided the forms of caring based on the environment, namely the family, community and school environment.

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1. Community Service

This activity is carried out jointly by the community in an environment to achieve and fulfill common interests. This activity is carried out in order to have a big impact on the community environment, for example when it is carried out close to the rainy season so that later it can prevent the appearance of mosquito nests in stagnant water.

2. Ronda activities

It is carried out by the community in turns in an area and each place, the goal is to get a sense of security at night. This social activity is very useful, especially in areas that are prone to criminal acts. If done together, then a sense of security becomes very important for the people in that place.

3. Counseling

This activity is used to increase the knowledge of each individual, it can include various types according to the things needed by the community. If the community is not concerned with how to maintain health, then counseling that must be done is related to health.

4. Commemoration of Independence Day

In Indonesia, Independence Day is celebrated every August 17, according to the date on which Indonesia declared independence. In welcoming Independence Day, there are many things that people can do, such as community service, cleaning the environment, raising flags and other events.

5. Visiting Neighbors

This activity is still often found in community areas that still maintain close ties with neighbors. Caring for neighbors can be shown with small things like visiting them when someone is sick, either at home or while in the hospital and having to ensure health protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This activity occurs due to uncertain situations and conditions such as disease outbreaks, natural disasters and wars. Including now when people are being haunted by the spread of the corona virus or Covid-19. The emerging pandemic has had an impact on people’s difficulties both in the economic and health fields.

Social Activities on Campus

Social activities do not only occur in the community, such as cities, villages and others, but also occur in schools and universities. As on campus, students have their own agenda in carrying out social activities. The following are some examples of activities based on solidarity or social activities that occur in student or campus environments.

1. Form a Study Group

This study group does not only discuss the subjects of each student who joins it, but also other things, such as reviewing books, films or other things according to what the students want. The topics presented can be discussed in turn every week, or a committee can be formed for implementation as a serious step in providing education.

2. Fundraising

Usually this social activity is carried out by students who want to participate in the process of distributing aid to communities affected by a disaster. Like victims of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, students will actively raise funds both as individual groups and involving campus organizations.

3. Independence Day Commemoration

As a student who is active and has a high spirit of nationalism, commemorating independence is one of the things that must be done. Social activities that can be carried out such as holding events with gifts, or maybe at the same time raising funds and the results can be distributed to people in need.


From the explanations put forward, it can be said that social activities can occur due to uncertain situations and conditions such as wars, epidemics, and disasters. Lately, the world has been shocked by the Corona virus outbreak. This makes many people feel difficult, both in the economic or health fields.

Based on these events, many things have changed, even habits every day there are big changes. Many people have lost their jobs, resulting in unemployment and difficulty obtaining food. Based on this event, many social activities such as basic food assistance, medical assistance, medical equipment, and others.

On the other hand, forms of social activity are carried out by various parties besides social institutions, but also companies. There are indeed many social institutions that have a vision to help others. Companies that carry out social activities are usually to fulfill their obligations as a company to provide prosperity for the surrounding community in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The form of CSR provided varies greatly depending on each company.

Well, that’s an article that we can present to all groups regarding the meaning, characteristics, benefits, and examples of social activities in society. Hopefully it will provide insight and knowledge for those of you who need it.

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