Meaning of Effort: Form, Benefits, Examples and Positive Impact

Meaning of effort – Hi Reader, Islam always educates its adherents to try as much as possible according to their abilities. Meanwhile, Allah SWT will give a decision from every thing that his servant tries. Islam strongly forbids its people to be lazy.

Allah SWT created humans as the most perfect creatures, in addition to having human desires and being given reason, that is something very special that of course Allah has his own purpose. Because humans are more civilized and ethical. Then, one of the traits that humans must do in order to be a civilized and ethical human being is to strive.

By making an effort, then a person will always try to try until the desired goal is achieved. Therefore, in Islam, it is not good for a servant to be lazy or give up if he has failed several times in reaching his goal.

But, actually, what is meant by effort? To know more about the effort, then you can read the complete review on this article, Reader.

Meaning of Effort

Effort is the behavior of trying seriously in a good way and in accordance with the applicable provisions. Simply put, effort can be said to be an external effort made by humans to achieve a goal.

A person needs to move in order to achieve what he wants and fulfill what he needs. For example, a person needs to eat to survive and food can only be obtained from nature and food can also be bought from sellers. Before you can shop, someone has to have money.

Where does this money come from? Of course by working, if you are already working you will receive a payment or salary in the form of money. This salary supports a person’s need to be able to buy food everyday.

Imagine if that person didn’t work? Then, there is no money that can be used to spend on kitchen needs. In the end, they will starve and then die for not trying to earn money.

Another example is a person who wants to get a good grade or the highest grade in his class, so he should make an effort. If a person does not study diligently and earnestly, then it will be difficult to get the best grades from his friends.

In this learning example, it can be done by following additional learning, or it can also be re-learning lessons that have been taught at school. In addition, so that the desire can be realized, then one is also advised to pray.

So, with this analogy it can be understood that everyone must strive to achieve their desires and fulfill their needs. It is not enough to just sleep comfortably at home and have all your needs met or all your dreams come true. In this world there is no concept like this.

Therefore, it is necessary for every human being to always strive and pray so that what he wants can be realized.

In Islam, to convey a message or kindness can be done with a sermon. The sermon itself is usually done when going to the Friday prayer. The content of Islamic sermons is also very diverse, one of which is a sermon on the theme of becoming a superior human being. Well, in this series of Islamic Friday Sermons for Superior Humans , the reader will be explained several ways to become a superior human being in the eyes of Islam.


Forms of Effort

Ikhtiar is one of the praiseworthy forms of morals taught by the Prophet SAW to his people. To know more about effort, then we also need to know the forms or types of effort itself. Below are some forms of effort that you need to know.

Not easily discouraged

In life, humans are destined to always try to live it. It’s like when you’re working on something, but the results you get don’t match what you envisioned or targeted, then that’s where you need to work hard and not give up and despair, you have to rise from depression while continuing to work. learn and keep learning.

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For example when you run a business as an entrepreneur by setting up a restaurant, but after going through it you find a loss that makes the business bankrupt. So, you have to keep trying and trying other ways to continue what you have done before.


The next form of business that should be considered is seriousness. This is because when you have a certain dream or target in life, it takes a very deep sense of sincerity to achieve all of that.

Therefore, you need to instill efforts that must be carried out earnestly and cannot be done half-heartedly. A simple example is in dating, in this world there is no human being who wants someone who is not a good partner in his life, so you need to learn a lot and make changes in order to be able to satisfy yourself in order to get the best partner.


The next effort is to do hard work in achieving dreams. Trying to exert all the abilities that have been given by Allah SWT should be done to achieve something desired, in this case being lazy and working as you please is highly discouraged.

You should try and fight as hard as you can to get results that will satisfy you later on. Like if you are being tested for a disease, then you should try to avoid all taboos, exercise diligently, take medication, or other things that support your recovery from a disease.

As in the book Aku Berusaha, Allah yang Punya Kuasa which contains ways for a Muslim to always continue to strive and also pray. Through this book, the reader will know how to be sincere, when a wish cannot be fulfilled.


After knowing the forms or types of efforts, then in the next discussion we will discuss the benefits of efforts. Well, so, keep reading this article until the end, Reader.

Benefits of Effort

A Muslim who always strives will always get a positive impact, as for the benefits of striving are as follows.

1. Not dependent on others (independent)

The first benefit that will be obtained when a person strives is to be an independent person or not dependent on others. In this case, it can be said that a person will always work with himself first, only when it is no longer possible will he ask for help from others. So, by making an effort, one does not always trouble others.

In addition, by making an effort, the abilities within can continue to improve. Then, the one where the ability can benefit others or yourself.

2. Become more dignified in the eyes of God and man

When a person strives, he will become more dignified in the eyes of God and man. This is not without reason because by making an effort, a person will be seen as earnest in achieving his goal.

3. Easier to appreciate your own efforts 

The third benefit of making an effort is that it becomes easier to appreciate one’s own efforts. That way, then someone will not blame his efforts too much when he fails. In fact, he will find a solution to the failure.

The Positive Impact of Habituating Effort Behavior

Among the positive effects we get if we want to do our best are: Eliminate laziness, depression, and complaints. Grow new hope in life. Because every effort can grow a million hopes, and with many efforts, there will be more hopes.

Therefore, a person who gets used to behaving diligently, can feel some positive effects, among others:

  1. There is self-satisfaction.
  2. Praised by Allah SWT and others.
  3. Grow and improve.
  4. Growing confidence in what God has given us.
  5. Confident that God will definitely help His servant who wants to make an effort.

How to get used to trying

We must realize that the needs of human life are more and more diverse. While Allah SWT has provided all the necessities of human life. Therefore, it is mandatory for humans to try to achieve it with the maximum ability. And to meet these needs, humans must do several things, among others.

  1. Always enthusiastic and active when doing something or building a business.
  2. Always believe and be confident in the task or work done.
  3. Can organize free time into very useful time.
  4. Always innovate on a job or task.
  5. Not focusing on helping others.

The bond between effort, prayer, and trust

The same is quoted from the post of the book publisher deeppublish. com , effort is a combination of the trinity of effort, blessing, and surrender. Moreover, one cannot be separated from the other, as a result, when reaching something or fulfilling a desire, all three need to be tried together.

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Usually, by way of queuing try to occupy the initial position. After that, it is accompanied by hope and at the same time nourishes the act of trusting. Meaning, all three need to be tried together and in a balanced ration.

Efforts without blessing and self-surrender not only produce an arrogant person, but also very ambitious. Generally, the perpetrator legalizes all the methods and after that it is easy to be disappointed especially the mental pressure when his will and needs do not work.

On the contrary, when a person surrenders and or just hopes, he is included among the fools. God does not want to straighten his hand in a direct way to his servant who only begs through blessings at home without trying.

Examples of Efforts in Daily Life

Effort is trying really hard in the best way that needs to be applied in everyday life. Here are examples of efforts in everyday life. A student studies hard because he wants to get good results.

  1. Work hard because you want to succeed.
  2. Repent to Allah SWT because you want to get His forgiveness.
  3. Be diligent in worshiping by carrying out the commandments of Allah SWT and avoiding His prohibitions because you want to obtain Allah’s mercy and when sick, some people seek treatment hoping for healing from Allah SWT.

How to Try to Invite Fortune Like a Prophet

Prophet Muhammad SAW is the Prophet that we need to emulate in any matter. Not only about religion and worship, but also about sustenance. Although Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God, but the Prophet also tried to collect sustenance. Just like when Prophet Muhammad wanted to be a warlord, he trained and fought to make his wish come true.

Every human desire will be granted with a record of human effort. Because Islam teaches its people to do practices that will bring sustenance. At least if this practice and method is done, then the sustenance received will be more blessed and come to us. The method is as follows.

Sharing (Charity, Endowment, Zakat, Waqf)

The first way to create sustainability is to practice sharing. The practice of sharing is giving part of the wealth we have to people in need.

Pray And Istighfar

Surely we have heard the expression that prayer without effort is nonsense, and effort without prayer is arrogance. Likewise with sustenance, we cannot just try without praying and asking Allah SWT and vice versa.

Wake up in the morning

Maybe we often hear the words of parents who say “don’t wake up this afternoon, your fortune is already on the chicken stake”. Our parents often tell us to get up early to earn a living. Waking up in the morning, in Islam is bad behavior. Islam advocates getting up early.

Dhuha prayer

God invites us to seek happiness while in this world and not leave it for happiness in the afterlife. Indeed, the afterlife is the end of life, and deeds in this world will affect life in the afterlife.

However, inviting sustenance in the morning for the happiness of the world is one form of effort. The sustenance we receive can be used to provide for the afterlife by giving charity and sharing happiness with fellow human beings. One of the ways to invite sustenance in the morning is to perform the Dhuha prayer.

Strive And Work

In addition to practicing the teachings above, of course there will be no point if we set aside effort and hard work. To collect sustenance, we must work and strive as hard as we can until the sustenance we want is accepted by Allah SWT.


Further, to collect sustenance is to be pious, which is to carry out all orders and avoid all prohibitions. Of course, there are many prohibitions that God commands, such as the command to pray, fast, zakat, Hajj and so on. As for avoiding God’s prohibitions such as drunkenness, adultery, stealing and many others.

Do Good

It is appropriate for us as social beings to always do good to anyone and anything. The trivial actions we do will have an impact on the next life. Maybe we often hear the saying “little by little over time becomes a hill”. Sometimes the small kindnesses we do will bring sustenance.

Such is the commentary on the meaning of effort, form, benefits, and also examples. Hopefully after reading this article to the end, it will be easier for you to apply efforts in your daily life.