Know the Various Types of Ancient Currency from Various Ages

Knowing the Various Types of Ancient Currency from Various Ages – Some time ago, precisely
at the moment of Indonesia’s independence yesterday which fell on August 17, 2022, all elements of society
participated in celebrating the independence party with wisdom.
Both from government officials
and local communities in various parts of our beloved country, Indonesia.
But apart from the
moment of independence which brought joy to urban and regional communities who also enlivened the moment by
participating in various competitions, there was one other interesting moment that caught the attention of
the Indonesian people, namely the Government through Bank Indonesia officially issued a new edition of
currency that could be used as a transaction tool. official cash in Indonesia.

Quoting the news released by the mass media, ” Today, 18 August 2022, I am Perry Warjiyo, the
Governor of Bank Indonesia, together with the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati, officially
issuing Rupiah banknotes which are divided into seven denominations in 2022 in the form of tender
contracts, statutory regulations invitations throughout Indonesia.
the territory of the
Republic of Indonesia,
” said the Governor of Bank Indonesia Perry Warjiyo in his

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Perry explained that as a symbol of state sovereignty and national unity, his party invited all levels of
society to appreciate, be proud of, and understand the rupiah “Come on.
kindle the optimism of
the national spirit and commitment to a faster recovery and a stronger awakening towards an advanced
Indonesia,” said Perry.

On the same occasion, the Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani Indrawati said that the Rupiah is not only a
currency, but also a currency that describes the journey of the nation and the unitary state of the Republic of

“On October 30, 1946, ORI or Oeang Republik Indonesia was born and ratified and came into force at that
time it was proclaimed by Vice President Mohammad Hatta, and this marked a new chapter for the Republic of
Indonesia. Indonesia is newly independent,” said the
Ministry of Finance.
And, on this day a new currency was launched signifying a new face of

Seeing the development of today’s society, it is actually rare to use cash as a means of transaction
anymore because it has begun to be replaced with digital currency which is more practical to use, but the
existence of cash is still important as an official means of transaction because some places that still use
traditional methods still use cash. as a transaction tool.
But did you know that currency also
always evolves from time to time following developments and is also influenced by cultural aspects as the
design motive for making it.

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Departing from there, in this discussion we will try to discuss various kinds of ancient money originating from
various eras which will be explained further below.