Get to Know Reincarnation and Its 6 Signs and Its Scientific Evidence!

Reincarnation is – For some people it is believed that after we die, humans will come back again in a different form. Things like that are usually better known by many people with the term reincarnation. However, not many people know what reincarnation is and what are its signs. If you are one of those people, don’t worry because this article will discuss further the meaning of reincarnation along with its signs and scientific evidence.

Definition of Reincarnation

Reincarnation (or in Latin is “born again” or “rebirth”) or refers to the belief that a person will die and be reborn in another life. As for the intentions that are born, not only in a physical form as we are now, but that person’s soul is reborn in a certain form that is in accordance with the results of his previous actions.

Whereas in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), reincarnation is incarnation (incarnation) back into another body after death or rebirth.

There are two main streams in reincarnation, namely first, those who believe that humans will then continue to be reborn.

Second, those who believe that human beings will then cease rebirth at some point if they do enough good or if they gain great consciousness or merge with God. Hinduism itself adheres to the second stream.

Rebirth is a process of passing on birth from a previous life. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the philosophy of reincarnation itself teaches humans to be aware of true happiness and to be responsible for the destiny that is being carried out.

As long as humans are bound by the cycle of reincarnation, their lives are not free from sorrow. As long as these souls are attached to the results of bad actions, they will be reincarnated as people who are always grieving. In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, the process of reincarnation itself gives humans the opportunity to enjoy the highest happiness. This happens when humans are unaffected by worldly pleasures or miseries, so they never feel sorrow, and when they understand the true meaning of life.

Signs of Reincarnation

Have you ever had a past life? Have you ever come across a particular place, language, or culture that you recognize without knowing it beforehand? This could be because you have lived in the past, aka experiencing reincarnation.

Sometimes you can find people frequently remembering their lives and past incidents they experienced. Well, there are many ways to find out about someone’s past life. One way is by regressing (backwards) to a past life. However, sometimes there are some subtle signs that may seem strange to you. Check out the signs if you had a past life, as follows:

Have Some Lasting Unexplained Memories

Have you ever felt like you have some memories that seem to have no relation to your current life? For example, you may have memories of living somewhere you’ve never been or doing things you’re completely unaware of.

This unusual memory then becomes one of the signs of life in the past. These memories may also remain in your subconscious. Moreover, these memories will also be unlike any other memories related to your current life. In fact, it can also be very offbeat and can give goosebumps at times.

Experiencing Déjà vu

Have you ever heard a certain language or uttered a certain sentence before? For example, you are talking to a friend but suddenly there is a point where you feel like you have experienced this before. Even if you have never witnessed or experienced it.

Experiencing Strange Phobias

Everyone has different phobias and depends on unpleasant experiences. However, there are also people who have strange phobias without even going through any unpleasant experiences before. Like you might be afraid of water even after knowing that you’ve never had any incidents about water. You also need to understand that these fears and phobias can be related to your previous life.

Have Enigmatic Skills and Knowledge

A child can dance at the age of two or three as if he had been doing it for a long time. In addition, sometimes you may find children who have extraordinary knowledge in a particular field or subject when compared to other children of their age group. There are also people who cannot live without music, spending their time with nature or dancing to the rhythm of the music. Some people take these as signs of past life

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Having Strange Recurring Dreams

Sometimes people have nightmares or strange dreams over and over again. They might not be able to figure out the reason behind this. However, it is believed that our subconscious mind often recalls happy memories and past life traumas through recurring dreams and nightmares.

Like when you dream of being in a place you don’t know, meeting someone who is familiar but not from your current life. Instead of throwing these dreams away, you can actually find a connection in them and find out who you were in a past life

Having Strange Birthmarks on Body

There are many people who have one or more birthmarks on their bodies and this may still be considered normal. According to science, these birthmarks occur because of our position in the womb or because of some random pigmentation. However, those who study the science of reincarnation believe that birthmarks are marks that can tell you about your previous life. So, you undergo past life regression to find out the truths that lie behind the birthmarks.

7 Scientific Evidence of Reincarnation

In general, reincarnation is a religious concept which implies that after the death of a human being, their soul, mind, and consciousness are transferred to a newborn baby. It sounds like an impossibility, but some scientists believe that reincarnation exists.

In fact, reincarnation has long been a central tenet of certain spiritual traditions, but it is not something that has been rigorously tested by many scientists, so its veracity remains in doubt.

Even so, there is some scientific evidence that shows that reincarnation really exists. Here are some scientific evidences that show that reincarnation is real. “Believe it or not!”

Remember Because of Birthmarks

Launch Express , Ian Stevenson, a former Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, wrote in his study that about 35 percent of children who claimed to remember their previous life had birthmarks or birth defects that they showed as injuries in their previous life.

Stevenson himself dedicated most of his career to finding evidence of reincarnation, until his death in 2007. The total number of children he has investigated is 210 people. The study that Stevenson created is useful for investigating reincarnation cases entitled Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons.

Claims to Remember Previous Life

In a separate study, Stevenson also interviewed three children who claimed to remember aspects of their lives from previous lives. Each of the children interviewed then made 30 to 40 statements about memory that they had not personally experienced, and through verification, Stevenson also found that the statements they made were 92 percent true.

In an article published in Scientific Exploration , Stevenson also believes that the possibility of finding families with family members as described by these children is very likely.

Already More Than 2,500 Cases Researched

Jim Tucker, who is also from the University of Virginia, revealed that they have now studied more than 2,500 cases of children who reported their memories in the past. Then, Tucker and his team try to determine exactly what they said and what really happened, as well as see if this fits into the lives of someone who has lived and died before.

Remember Ever Killed

As quoted from NPR , there is a child named James Leininger who remembers being a fighter pilot in World War II. Tucker also said that when James was a child, he really liked his toy planes. However, by the time James was two years old, he began having extremely horrific nightmares four or five times a week about plane crashes.

Then, one afternoon, he talked about this plane crash and said that he was a pilot who flew off a United States ship in a past life. His father also asked the name of the ship, and he said Natoma. James said he had been shot down by the Japanese and killed on Iwo Jima. After investigating, it turns out that there was an aircraft carrier named USS Natoma Bay which was stationed in the Pacific during World War II. In fact, the ship is involved in Iwo Jima.

At that time, they lost one pilot there, a young man named James Huston. James Huston’s plane crashed exactly as described by James Leininger, namely experiencing engine failure, exploding, falling into the water and quickly sinking. Then, his memory started fading at the age of 5-7 years. Tucker was sure that this child’s memory must still be in his mind because the stored memory was quite strong from his previous life.

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Maybe many think James was just hallucinating or imagining it, it’s just that Tucker believes that we can’t conclude what James said was imagination if this has been verified to be true. Moreover, the memory that James told was exactly the same as what had been experienced by James Huston, a man who lived during World War II.

Not only that, Huston is also from Pennsylvania, while James lives in Louisiana, is it really impossible for a 2 year old boy to go there to find information about Huston?

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Thus the discussion about reincarnation is accompanied by some evidence showing that reincarnation really exists from the signs and from the scientific evidence. Are you one of those who believe in the theory of Reincarnation?

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