Feel Social Media Has Become Toxic? Get Over It This Way!

sinaumedia Literasi – It seems that almost every one of us has one social media account, maybe even
more than one and is monitored almost every time.
Not a few also take the time to play
cellphones while eating, studying and even disturbing your sleeping hours, Sinaumed’s?
Are you
one of those people who can’t miss scrolling social media timelines all the time?
Even though the initial goal is to update the latest information, seeing a row of
posts on the cellphone screen can eat away at your mind for a long time, you know.
studies have reported that long-term use of social media can change your mindset and interfere with your
mental health.
Behind all the beauty of photos and the excitement of stories of people in
cyberspace, long-term use of social media will have a negative impact on your health.

Overly active use of social media can leave an imprint not only on mental health, but also on physical
health, especially by changing sleep patterns.
A 2014 study of adults in the United States aged
19–32, found that participants checked their preferred social media account for more than an hour per day,
and about 30 times per week.
57% of these users also reported having trouble sleeping.
The researchers suggest that the reason behind why social media users experience poor sleep is the
fact that they feel compelled to be active on websites at all hours, including late at night on

Social media also reduces your productivity. A research paper published last year in the
Journal of Applied Social Psychology states that we spend more time on social media networks than we
realize, thus wasting one of life’s most valuable resources: time.
The researchers found
evidence that internet and Facebook-related stimuli could distort the perception of time due to attention
and arousal-related mechanisms.
Reports show that even when we’re at work, we still
subconsciously look at our phone screens to check our recent “likes” and comments count, even though we know
we shouldn’t.
One data set also found that employees spend approximately 2.35 hours per

Another bad consequence of continuous use of social media is an increased risk of depression, insomnia,
poor self-image, decreased self-confidence, anxiety disorders and eating disorders, to self-harm behavior.
All of these risks are strongly suspected of appearing as a concrete manifestation of our
subconscious tendency to like to compare ourselves to other people’s lives so we don’t enjoy life.
This theory has been explained in a study entitled Online Social Networking and Mental Health which
was published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.
Has social media
also become toxic in your life?
Here are some signs that you need to know about Sinaumed’s.


If you are at this level, you will do everything just for content. Forcing to buy this and
that for the sake of content, or snacks for the sake of content, or vacations for the sake of content, or
flipping merrily when the green light at a red light is on the road for the sake of content, all you do is
for the sake of content so that you forget the boundaries of existing norms, even forcing yourself to do
extreme things just for the sake of content.
It’s even worse if you get into debt to look cool
on social media.


Even though it has become part of everyday life, using social media often makes you forget to build
relationships with people in real life.
The same negative effect also occurs when someone is
too focused on social media and puts it in a position that is more important than anything else.
For example, when someone is very worried about uploading photos that they feel are not beautiful,
or are more concerned with updating photos on Instagram than enjoying a vacation.
You also
always check your cellphone all the time just to see your timeline or social media notifications.
No matter the time and place, while working, eating, hanging out with friends, watching movies, you
just keep checking your cellphone repeatedly, Sinaumed’s.


Are you the type of person who often spit out problems on social media and make social media accounts a
place to “garbage” excessively?
Be careful, because this can be dangerous if it is not stopped
immediately or left alone.
Apart from making other people feel uncomfortable, this habit
certainly does not solve the problem you are facing.
Instead of getting a solution, maybe the
existing problem becomes more complex or other new problems emerge.

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Constantly comparing yourself to others. This is usually caused by following an influencer or
public figure with a life that “seems” perfect on social media.
Even though everyone must have
their own problems, maybe even more severe than what we experience.
After scrolling through the
timeline on social media, maybe someone only sees the happy side, so they start to compare it with their own
condition when they are facing problems, without taking into account what strengths and benefits they
already have, which other people may not necessarily have.

Watch Insecurity


Insecure is one of the negative effects that can be caused by social media if not used wisely.
These feelings are usually seen when someone is easily suspicious, such as suddenly becoming a
drama queen, easily offended, and feeling insecure about their body condition.
On social media,
we cannot limit other people’s comments that might hurt our feelings.
Therefore, what can be
done to prevent feelings of insecurity is not to worry about their negative opinions on social media.


For people who are too active on social media, stalking other people’s social media accounts can become one
of their habits.
But it turns out that the effect can actually create competition which in the
end makes you feel lonely.
Apart from that, you also know more about people’s lives through
their social media accounts than the lives of those closest to you.
If your hobby has entered a
dangerous stage, maybe it’s time for you to do a Sinaumed’s social media detox.


Nomophobia is a fear syndrome that occurs when you don’t have a smartphone. You feel that a
smartphone is an object that must be near you for 24 hours.
You feel restless, worried, and
confused when your favorite cellphone is not there.
It’s as if in your life dictionary these
things are a must and you can’t miss them, even if you go to the toilet or the toilet.
If you
feel that way, it means it’s time for you to do a social media detox for a healthier psychological
condition, Sinaumed’s.


For those who feel tired of the virtual world, take a break for a while or as long as possible to restart
again, such as the physical fatigue we feel after a long time of work and lack of vacations, it’s better to
take a break from the hustle and bustle to refresh your mind.
Do a social media detox.
What is social media detox, in simple terms is a kind of self-healing by staying away from social
media to calm the mind for mental health due to exposure to the negative effects of social media.
One way to do a social media detox is to take a short break from cyberspace. Here are
some tips you can do.
Check these out!


Starting a social media detox is not as easy as turning your palm. Especially if you have a
lot of free time.
However, immediately keep your cellphone or other electronic device out of
Especially if you don’t have much activity. Immediately “fill” your empty
hands with other activities so you don’t always think about reaching for your cell phone.
keep your cell phone out of reach and turn it to silent or vibrate mode while studying.
method makes it easier for you to focus more on completing tasks more efficiently.


The most efficient way to detox social media is to limit the time you access it. The
reasonable limit for using social media according to psychologists is 30 minutes to one hour per day.
You can divide the total 1 hour into several “sessions” for the day. For example, 15
minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at lunch, 15 minutes on the way home on public transit, and 15 minutes at
In order not to go too far, remind yourself to log out of social media accounts by
setting an alarm.
There are also many applications that can help remind you when you reach a
set time limit.
It’s best to avoid accessing social media just before bedtime, because it can
interfere with the quantity and quality of your sleep, Sinaumed’s.


Turn off notifications on all social media so that you are not tempted to check your cellphone every now
and then to see the latest updates.
Unless the account is used for work needs. If
necessary, set any application that is installed on the front screen of the cellphone.
Try to
install only what is needed by Sinaumed’s.


Making access to social media a little complicated because if you install a social media application on the
smartphone’s front display it will make it too easy for you to access social media.
removing some of the shortcuts (shortcuts) for direct access to some of these social media.
Then, create a special folder on your smartphone for several social media applications.
That way, you’ll need a few steps of tapping and scrolling before you can access Sinaumed’s.

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Even though it sounds silly, there’s no harm in trying this method. You can determine for
yourself which areas of the house are not allowed to carry, let alone play smartphones.
example, in the TV room or dining room to focus on gathering with family, or in the bedroom to get away from
the habit of playing on your cellphone before going to bed to disturb your sleeping hours which should be


Designate one day a week for “a day without social media”. For example Sunday, so you can
spend time hanging out with friends or family, as well as doing hobbies that you like.


Try a digital-detox retreat. Try a special digital detox vacation discovered by Tanya Goodin,
a digital entrepreneur who has seen the effects of screen dominated life on health.
retreat does not allow anything related to technology.
Instead of that, you can enjoy
mindfulness workshops, yoga, hiking, flying kites, and storytelling.
They also serve raw food
and ban alcohol, so your life will be totally reset.
If you prefer adventure over wellness
retreat, then you just need to ‘fly under the radar’.
A place where there is no WiFi connection
or phone signal at all for you to enjoy your time to the fullest without a smartphone connection at


It’s not comfortable playing social media but can’t let go 100%. The solution is to replace a
more useful platform.
Replace social media platforms that show off ideas. For
example creating a podcast that can be posted on Soundcloud or Spotify, or creating YouTube content which,
if you get lots of views, you can monetize and earn.


The point is self control. If at this time, maybe you still enjoy doing personal uploads to
cyberspace, it’s legal, but what needs to be considered is the content of the post.
wisely because digital footprints will forever be imprinted.
If we ourselves can delete it, but
we can’t control other people to download our photos, videos or screenshots of our posts, which in the
future can become a boomerang for us.

Watch An Art Of Being Totally Stupid


Many people have proven the benefits of meditation. The importance of taking time to refocus
even more than updating social life depends on connectivity.
If you spend all day in front of
the computer, periodically take time to relax by sitting or taking a short walk.
If you really
can’t leave your desk, try logging into Do Nothing for 2 Minutes.
This web page will ask you to
concentrate on a relaxing seascape, and if you move the mouse or try to type, the timer will repeat again.
This website is not going to help you avoid the problem of eyes that keep staring at the screen,
but it is certainly useful for calming your mind.
You can work around this by closing your eyes
and just listening to the sound of the waves.


In the end, it all depends on your choice. Investing in a traditional alarm clock and keeping
your phone out of your bedroom overnight can keep you from scrolling both before bed and when you wake up.
Don’t forget to enforce technology bans at certain times in your life, mute Whatsapp conversations,
and turn off email alerts and respond only at certain times.
Remember that not much will happen
when you step away from social media.
Reading more, going for walks, and looking for new
hobbies will be advantages that you will feel in Sinaumed’s soon.

Of the many benefits that can be obtained from using social media, you need to be aware if what you feel
after using social media is excessive anxiety.
If anxiety has struck due to the negative things
you receive from using social media, you should be aware of it and start doing a social media detox.
Apart from letting go of dependence, you also need to focus more on building good relationships in
real life Sinaumed’s.
Good luck!


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