Examples of Social Interaction Between Individuals and Groups

Examples of Social Interaction Between Individuals and Groups – Humans are social beings who always need the help of others in their lives. Not only do they need help, but other people in every human being certainly become friends for the human himself. It is unimaginable if we only live alone without anyone, of course we will be bothered with problems in this world.

In this case the role of society is very important for us. They are the ones who will help us in all situations if we need someone else. This has also been explained in sociology. For example, if someone lives on a remote island alone then they won’t be able to last long, because humans actually still need interaction with other humans.

Interactions carried out between humans certainly provide benefits and knowledge. Every time we meet new people, we can also get new knowledge from that person. We can learn what he is studying or doing. Not even just with one person, we can also interact with community groups.

In sociology, interaction is understood as a process that may be unintentional or planned, repetitive, and occurs regularly. Social interaction also always involves two or more people or two or more groups. This interactive process is the basis for the formation of the social structure and culture of society. This is because social institutions and norms are formed through interactions between individuals and groups, and the system (society) in which people live is formed.

On this occasion, sinaumedia will discuss examples of social interactions between individuals and groups. For those of you who don’t understand, maybe your questions about this will be answered in this article. For more, let’s look at the following review.

Definition of Social Interaction

Homans defines interaction as an event in which an action taken against another person by a person is rewarded or punished by the actions of another person who becomes his partner. The concept put forward by Homans postulates that actions taken by one individual in interaction are a stimulus to the actions of other people who become partners.

On the other hand, according to Shaw, social interaction is an interpersonal exchange in which each person shows his actions in front of him and each action affects the other.

Thibaut and Kelly also said that social interaction is an event that influences one another and when two or more people are together they create results for each other or communicate with each other. Thus, in terms of interaction, everyone’s actions aim to influence others.

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According to Bonner, interaction is a relationship between two or more people where individual behavior affects, changes, affects other individuals, and vice versa.

According to Anagoro and Widiyanti, social interaction is the heart of all social life. Because we cannot live together without social interaction. Unity of life occurs when people or groups of people work together. Talking to each other to achieve common goals, etc.

According to Walgito, social interaction is a relationship between one person and another and is reciprocal because one person can influence another and vice versa. Relationships can be person-to-person, person-to-group, or group-to-group relationships.

According to some of these experts, the notion of social interaction can lead us to the conclusion that interaction is a relationship between two or more people, with each person playing an active role in it. Interaction does not only include the relationship between the parties involved, but also influences each other.

Influential Factors in Social Interaction

Social interaction is influenced by several factors, including factors from other humans who are interacting or communicating. Here are the factors that influence social interaction.

1. Imitation Factor

Many social scientists claim that all social life is actually based on factors of imitation. Although this view turns out to be one-sided, the role of imitation in social interaction is not insignificant.

2. Suggestion Factor

Suggestion for someone is to express their point of view or attitude in a sentence and then be accepted by others. It is also true that suggestion plays a role in the formation of group norms, social prejudices, moral norms, and political norms. In their environment, parents, educators, or friends have taken them for granted without further consideration.

Suggestion is a psychological influence of oneself and others that is generally accepted without criticism. Therefore, in psychology, a distinction is made between suggestions which are suggestions from oneself and suggestions from the mind which are suggestions from others.

3. Factor Identification

Identification is a term coined by Sigmund Freud, a figure in the field of psychology. Identification is the desire to be identical with other people. Identification is carried out by other people and people who are considered ideal in one aspect in order to obtain norms, attitudes, and value systems that are considered ideal which are lacking in him.

This process occurs unconsciously, automatically, and objects of identification are not chosen rationally, but are selected based on subjective and emotional judgments.

Identification can be done in two ways. For example, children learn and accept social norms because parents consciously educate them, and children identify with their parents because they are a very important place for parents to identify with their children.

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In psychology, identification means the desire to be identical or the same as another person, both physically and mentally.

4. Sympathy Factor

Sympathy can be defined as a feeling of caring for another person. Sympathy arises when the conscious human ego feels compassion for another person. Sympathy connects one person to another, whereas antipathy tends to suppress or completely exclude intrapersonal relationships.

Sympathy is the feeling of being attracted to one person by another. Sympathy is not based on rationalization, but occurs on the basis of evaluation and identification of emotions. People can also suddenly become attracted to other people because they like the way other people behave.

Definition of Social Interaction Between Individuals and Groups

The social interaction of an individual with a group is a reciprocal relationship maintained by a person with a group. This group includes a small number, for example three people or a larger group. Interaction between individuals and groups is the relationship that takes place between individual groups and people to achieve their goals. Interactions between individuals and groups can be formal, including rules, but there are also informal or uncontrolled, free interactions.

Examples of Social Interaction Between Individuals and Groups

  • The chairman of the committee chaired the meeting of the national conference. In meetings, the chairperson provides additional directions, while meeting members can submit suggestions and recommendations.
  • Mr. RT explained the government assistance to the surrounding community. Where Mr. RT acts as an individual, and the community is a group.
  • A basketball coach determines the game strategy with the team he coaches.
  • A teacher teaches students in class.
  • A facilitator of the workshop conducts a question and answer session with the participants.
  • A regent holds a working meeting with his subordinates.
  • Company bosses negotiate with unions about wages.
  • Ulama preaching to the congregation in recitation at the mosque.
  • A defendant is tried in court.

Sinaumed’s, that’s the article about social interaction between individuals and groups. Of course interaction is needed by humans to establish friendship so that they always get knowledge or interesting things outside of themselves. In addition, humans also of course will always need the help of others, therefore interaction is very important.

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