Examples of Implementation in Various Aspects of Human Life

Example of Implementation – The word “implementation” is generally related to how something is implemented in human daily life. That is, this implementation must be carried out by real humans and work in various aspects of any life.

Even though implementation and application have the same definition, the word “implementation” is more likely to be used in scientific matters, especially in the academic and professional world.

Before it can be implemented in life, of course, the existing plan must be prepared in advance so that it is finally able to achieve the desired goal. That is why, the implementation process will generally be planned by institutions or organizations related to the community at large.

So, what are examples of implementation that can be found easily in everyday life? Come on, look at the following reviews so that Sinaumed’s won’t feel confused for too long!

Examples of Implementation in Various Aspects of Human Life

Examples of Implementation on Citizenship Aspects

Pancasila Precepts 2nd

An example of implementation on the aspect of citizenship can be seen through the existence of Pancasila, one of which is in the 2nd precept. The precept reads: “Just and Civilized Humanity” which is of course related to human rights and the freedom to exercise their rights and obligations as citizens of this country. So, here are some examples of the implementation of the 2nd precept of Pancasila on the aspect of citizenship.

  • Treating other individuals according to their nature and dignity as creatures of God Almighty.
  • Appreciate the differences of religion with other people.
  • Against human trafficking .
  • Does not discriminate between friends who have different ethnicities and races.
  • Don’t hurt a friend’s feelings.
  • Respect other people’s opinions when negotiating.
  • Pay attention to the teacher when he is explaining the subject matter.
  • Develop an attitude of helping each other to people who are in need of help.
  • Develop a mutual cooperation attitude.
  • Recognizing that Indonesian society is pluralistic in nature, consisting of various ethnicities, races and religions.
  • Not bullying someone who is weaker.
  • Participate in social service events.
  • Do not cover up the existence of a crime.
  • Imitating the attitude of the heroes who fought for Indonesian independence.
  • Be proud of the achievements of Indonesian athletes.
  • Participate in international activities, for example student exchange.
  • Dare to defend truth and justice.
  • Love one another human.
  • Do not make malicious comments on other people’s social media posts.
  • Perform account reporting actions if there is fraudulent information on social media.
  • Appreciate the fun and hobbies of others.
  • Participating in gotong royong events in the village or housing complex around it.
  • Carry out daily pickets at school.
  • Cooperate with other nations as a form of mutual respect.
  • As a doctor, you must treat patients as best you can without discriminating against their social status.

The 4th Pancasila Precepts

Furthermore, it is still an example of implementation on the aspect of citizenship which refers to the 4th Pancasila precept. The 4th precept reads: “Populist Led by Wisdom in Deliberation/Representation” , of course, will be closely related to democratic culture and deliberation activities. This deliberation activity is not only carried out by adults with high positions, but can also be carried out by school children to learn the meaning of democratic culture. So, here is an example of the implementation of Pancasila precepts-4.

  • Choose the student council president at school by way of general elections.
  • Choose a candidate for class chairman by deliberation and choose it by general election.
  • Conduct deliberations to negotiate homework that must be carried out by each family member.
  • Receive and consider the opinions of the deliberation participants.
  • Always be prejudiced against deliberation participants when they are submitting opinions.
  • Utilizing any differences in views or opinions to enrich knowledge and thoughts, so that one can choose the best views or opinions among the various views that arise.
  • Accept the decision together with a big heart.
  • Carry out joint decisions.
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Examples of Implementation on Public Policy Aspects

When discussing public policy, it will definitely be related to regulations that have been set by the previous government regarding general problems in society. Starting from education to health issues, it must have been regulated in laws and regulations and all Indonesian citizens must comply to implement them. So, here is an example of implementation on the public policy aspect.

  • Provision of KIS (Healthy Indonesia Cards) especially for every underprivileged family so that they get health facilities.
  • The company provides facilities to employees in the form of BPJS guarantees.
  • Provision of BOS funds (School Operational Assistance) especially for every underprivileged family so that they get adequate facilities and means for learning.
  • Providing scholarship assistance to underprivileged students along with pocket money with specified conditions.
  • Innovative replacement of the curriculum with the aim of improving the quality and quality of Indonesian education.

Examples of Implementation on Aspects of Children’s Moral Education

In this aspect of children’s moral education, it tends to be carried out by the school in the form of mandatory activities for all students at the school. This moral education is of course not only related to matters of citizenship, but also to matters of religion and the spirit of literacy. Well, here is an example of implementation in the aspect of children’s moral education.

  • Make it a habit to greet the teacher both inside and outside the classroom.
  • The implementation of literacy corner activities with an agenda for one week must read one literary work and record it in each other’s notes.
  • The implementation of worship activities every hour ishoma, especially for Muslim students.
  • Tadarus Al-Quran is carried out every Friday.
  • The spirit of literacy culture is carried out with the teacher reading a short story and all students must listen and record what the moral advice is from the short story.

Examples of Implementation of Basic Competence in Subjects

Implementation is not only related to “abstract” aspects of life that are lived daily, but also as a form of written learning process, especially in subjects. Generally, subjects must have Basic Competencies that must be followed by teachers in teaching students. So, here is an example of implementation of basic competencies in Indonesian language subjects.

Basic Competency Class VII : 3.15 Identify information about local fables/legends that are read and heard.

Technique Used : Close-Reading Technique

Technique Implementation on Students :

  1. Students apply reading skills to the text given.
  2. Students try to understand the content of the text given.
  3. Students remember the information contained in the text, about the characters, setting, plot of the fable/legend text.
  4. Surveying the contents ( survey : S),
  5. Asking questions that can guide us in reading activities ( question : Q),
  6. Read the contents ( read : R),
  7. Telling the contents of the reading in our own words ( recit : R),
  8. Reviewing the contents of the reading, whether what we tell through our own words is in accordance with the actual content or not ( review : R).

Examples of Implementation on Cultural Aspects of Local Wisdom

Reporting from the education magazine , culture, especially local wisdom, which is currently being displaced by technology, can be realized again through educational institutions. Examples of implementation on aspects of local wisdom culture that can be done.

  • Holding exhibitions on the theme of Indonesian local wisdom culture and students are asked to participate directly.
  • Organize extracurricular activities related to culture, such as dance clubs and drawing clubs.
  • Organize cultural art exhibitions.
  • Introducing traditional games that are almost extinct, such as tops, engklek, gobak sodor, and others.
  • Holding a traditional game competition on Indonesian Independence Day.
  • Invite students to routinely speak local languages ​​on special days, for example Thursday.
  • Running the Regional Thursday program in regional clothes and using the regional language.
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Examples of Implementation on Economic Aspects

Next is an example of implementation on the economic aspect which of course aims for the prosperity of the country. So, here’s an example of implementation on the economic aspect that can be done by young people, especially to fill Indonesia’s independence.

  • Support local products by continuing to buy local branded products.
  • Proud to use local branded products.
  • Empowering cooperatives in the people’s economy.
  • For the government, it should improve the anti-monopoly law and unfair competition in the economic field.
  • Carry out export and import cooperation to improve the country’s economic level.

Re-understanding What is Implementation

After listening to examples of implementation, especially in several aspects of human life, does Sinaumed’s understand the definition of implementation? If not, let’s see the following review!

Definition of Implementation

If you look at KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary), the word “implementation” means ‘implementation’ and ‘implementation’ . The use of this term will usually relate to the existence of an activity that must be carried out or implemented in order to achieve predetermined goals. In short, this implementation becomes an activity or concrete action from a previously detailed plan to achieve a goal. Therefore, the implementation process can only be carried out if the planning is really mature.

According to the theory put forward by Jones, implementation includes a definition in the form of: “Those Activities directed toward putting a program into effect” (The process of realizing the program to show the results). That is, this implementation becomes an action taken after a policy has been established and is the main way so that the policy can achieve its goals.

Meanwhile, in a book entitled Implementation Context Based on Curriculum , there is a definition of implementation put forward by Nurdin Usman, which reads: “Implementation is based on activities, actions, actions, or the mechanism of a system. Implementation is not just an activity, but an activity that is planned and to achieve the objectives of the activity.

Then, according to Webster’s Dictionary, put forward a definition of the term “implementation” briefly, namely ” to provide the means for carrying out ” alias cause a certain impact or effect. That is, an implementation in any aspect of life must be accompanied by supporting facilities so that it can have an impact or effect on the target community.

So, based on these definitions, it can be concluded that:

“implementation is not just an action or activity, but also part of a planned activity that must be carried out in earnest and based on references according to plan, so that it can have an impact on the target community.”

That is why this implementation cannot stand alone, of course it must be influenced by other objects, namely the plans and objectives of a program. Implementation is usually carried out by an institution or organization that has many participants.

Implementation Stages

Previously, it was explained that this implementation action must definitely go through the planning stage in advance to achieve the desired goals. According to Van Meter and Van Horn (2008: 67), implementation in any aspect of the field must have 3 stages namely planning, exemplary, and implementation.

In the first stage, planning ( planning ) becomes the process of setting goals, developing strategies, and breaking down tasks and schedules to achieve more systematic goals. Then, in the second stage, exemplary ( exemplary ) is a requirement for commitment in setting the best example and not making it up. That is, at this stage requires a person to address a problem more wisely and with full awareness. Finally, in the third stage, implementation becomes an implementation process in the form of actions from plans that have been prepared previously.

Well, that’s a review of what are the implementation examples and their definitions according to some experts. Can Sinaumed’s mention examples of other implementations in this aspect of life?




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