Example of an individual invoice to the company

Example of an individual invoice to a company – For business people, of course, you often hear the term invoice. The definition of an invoice itself is a document in written form which contains a debt collection letter. This invoice is given by the seller to the buyer who acts as the debtor.

In general, invoices are made in three copies . The original invoice is kept as a file by the company, while the other invoice is used as a copy to be given to the buyer and given to the seller as a document or financial file.

Invoices are also mostly used in the form of transactions, either in the form of installments or credit. However, over time, the form of an invoice has now switched to a digital form.


Definition of Individual Invoices for Companies

The form of individual invoices to companies also has various forms. The contents of the invoice are adjusted to the needs of the sender to the intended company. Not only that, the form of each invoice also varies according to other companies.

The definition of an individual invoice for this company itself is in the form of an invoice or billing letter made by someone to the company. This type of invoice is used by someone to bill payment for goods or services to a company.

Some important points that must be included in individual invoices for companies, including references, date made and due date, NPWP number, invoice status, company information, and other important details.

Examples of Individual Invoices to Companies that You Need to Know

To make it easier for you to understand the form of an individual invoice to a company, please look at the following image.

Based on the image, you can see information about individual parties who send invoices to a company for the purchase of goods. Some of the information that must be provided on the invoice letterhead is:

  1. reference,
  2. number
  3. invoices,
  4. due date.

Next, please fill in your important identity or company data to be addressed. Don’t forget to include:

  1. number
  2. telephone,
  3. address,
  4. e-mail.

After discussing company information, the next important part is information

  1. price
  2. the amount of goods or services purchased.
  3. Please enter the appropriate information according to your needs and agreement regarding the item.

At the end of the invoice, you can also add additional information in the form of

  1. information or
  2. other terms and conditions.
  3. In the description section, please enter information regarding the payment method.

Elements in Individual Invoice to Company

Currently, the form of an invoice in the form of triplicate colorful sheets is indeed starting to be replaced with a digital invoice form. Apart from being more practical, digital invoice forms are also considered to be more environmentally friendly. The several important elements in individual invoices to companies that you need to pay attention to are as follows.

1. Name and Address of Invoice Issuing Company

This information contains the identity of the goods or service provider who also acts as the invoice issuer.

2. Official Number and Invoice Issuance Date

It is better for each invoice to include the official number and date of issue. This will make it easier for you to carry out the verification process for other needs in the future.


3. Identity of Buyers

The next important data is regarding the identity data of the buyer of goods or services. The information in this section can be the name of an individual or the name of a company or organization.


4. Description and Number of Products

The invoice must also include a description and number of products. This information is needed to be used as proof of payment for goods or services that have been purchased or sold.


5. Unit Price and Total Price

The unit price as well as the total price of an item or service must also be included in an invoice. If there is tax applied then you also need to include the price before and after tax is applied.


6. Official Stamp or Signature

The last important element is to include an official stamp or signature as a form of validating the invoice.

Sample Invoice for Business Purposes

As previously discussed, the presence of invoices in the business world is indeed very helpful for business people. The existence of an invoice that has now penetrated into digital format is indeed very important.

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Especially in the process of recording or recording buying and selling transactions, both to individuals and companies. By using invoices, it will also be easier for business actors to carry out financial calculations in their financial reports.

It will be easier for you to find out the amount of profits or losses while running a business through data from invoices. Invoices for business purposes basically have various forms or formats. For more details, see the following information.

1. Sample Service Invoice

The type of invoice issued for payment in the form of services is called a service invoice. Several types of examples of service invoices can be found with image design service providers, translation services, training, and various other forms of services. The important elements that must be present on this service invoice are as follows:

  • Include the identity of the service provider in the form of name, address, contact number that can be contacted, and company logo
  • Include the identity of the service user or client, such as the name and address of the company or organization
  • Include the date the invoice was issued and the payment deadline
  • Include product or service information provided, such as the amount of service, service price, and the total service fee to be paid by the service buyer or client
  • Include additional information at the bottom of the invoice if deemed necessary

For more details, please see the following sample service invoice.

2. Sample Billing Invoice

Billing invoices are a type of bill in the form of a sheet containing official letterhead and addressed to clients or customers for a transaction. Basically, clients will be given an invoice if they have not made a payment transaction and have exceeded the due date. Then, service providers and sellers will usually send these invoices within a certain period of time as a reminder for customers who have not completed payments. The important part of this letter consists of three parts, namely the prefix of the letter, the contents of the letter and the ending of the letter. In this billing invoice, you must also attach the company logo, date, letter number, subject matter and the party to be addressed.

The following is an example of a billing invoice.

3. Sample Invoice for Goods

In addition to billing invoices, there are also invoices in the form of goods. Basically, this type of goods invoice is almost the same as a billing invoice. However, in an invoice for goods, the type of payment information issued is not in the form of services but in the form of payment information for goods or goods.

To see the different types of goods and services invoices, please see the following examples of goods invoice forms.

4. Sample hotel invoice

Hotel invoices are sheets that are needed by every hotelier. Invoices are proof of payment transactions when a guest orders a hotel or inn. Usually proof of payment is provided by the hotel after the customer has paid all costs incurred while at the hotel.

Hotel invoices are now an important part because they make it easier for hotels to record transactions. Basically, hotel invoices are not much different from other types of business invoices.

The only difference is the type of information in the form of hotel reservations in the invoice description section. The following are some important points that you need to know in making a hotel invoice.

  • Include company identity in the form of address and company name
  • Include invoice number
  • Include customer identity
  • Include information about hotel bookings
  • Include additional information at the bottom of the invoice

Some of the points mentioned above are important parts that are needed by customers. After the customer checks in at the hotel, then the receptionist will provide an invoice as a sign of the transaction at the hotel. In order not to get confused with this type of hotel invoice, please see the following example.

5. Example of Equipment Bill Invoice

Invoices for equipment bills can be interpreted as letters or pieces of paper that contain the amount of bills for light and heavy equipment to customers. Business people in matters of selling or leasing equipment really need invoices in running their business.

Some companies mostly use invoices via excel because they find it easier and more practical to input various types of tool names and the total costs. In contrast to examples of billing invoices in general, invoices for equipment bills usually contain more transaction details between the seller and the buyer.

The following is an example of a tool invoice.

6. Sample Sales Invoice

Currently, the type of online business is increasingly mushrooming. Various types of orders ranging from food, drinks to clothing also continue to bloom in the market. So, if you are starting a sales business, don’t forget to make sales invoices to buyers.

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The process of making a sales invoice is actually not that complicated. Especially now that you can create invoices digitally. The important points in making a sales invoice that you should know are, the first is the name of the customer, the second is the amount of money to be paid by the customer, and the last is the address of the customer or client. Next, all you have to do is send the sales invoice via the customer’s email.

In addition to sales invoices, there are also purchase invoices. In simple terms, purchase invoices are made by business entities to suppliers, while sales invoices themselves are issued by business owners to customers. So, for more details about this sales invoice, please see the following example.

From the sample invoice above, you can see if the business owner is someone who works as a photographer. The business owner displays all of his service packages and their prices to customers. In addition to the price, the photographer also displays the amount of tax that customers must pay. The sales invoice example above can be considered quite complete because the photographer also attaches a due date so that the customer will know when he has to pay for the photographer’s services immediately.

7. Sample DP Invoice

In the business world, DP is also known as down payment . Usually DP is often referred to as a down payment for someone who is buying goods. DP can be interpreted as the first money you give to a seller when buying an item or using someone’s services. After giving the down payment, further payments can be paid in installments in accordance with the terms or agreement given or it can also be called credit.

For example, if you want to buy a means of transportation, the seller will offer a DP first. If you are unable to pay off the entire price of transportation, you can simply provide a DP first. After that, you will continue by paying the price of the transportation in installments.

The DP or down payment invoice itself is a proof of transaction sheet between the seller and the buyer. Unlike a sales invoice, this DP invoice is only proof of down payment and not proof of full payment for sales transactions made.

The following is an example of a DP invoice that you can view.

8. Car Rental Invoice

Not only hotel business people, sales of goods and others, car rental service providers also have to make invoice types for their customers or tenants. This car rental invoice can be proof of a bill or document intended to collect the total cost of renting or using a car.

Of course, having a car rental invoice will also make it easier for car rental owners to report their business finances. The following is an example of a car rental invoice that you can also use for car rental services.

9. Sample Invoice for Legal Services

Advocates or legal experts should also have an invoice for legal services. This legal service invoice itself is an invoice or document created by a company providing consulting services in the field of law or in other business fields.

Not unlike the important points in other types of invoices, this legal services invoice document also contains the name of the agency or company name, company address, due date, and the price that must be paid by the client. What distinguishes this legal services invoice from other invoices is only the description of the services. For more details about this example of a legal service invoice, please see the following image.

10. Invoices via Email

Invoices are not only in the form of hard copies or physical sheets. In this era where all technology is used, the digital world plays an important role in making digital invoices sent via email. So, business actors can only use soft copy invoices sent via email.

Besides being considered more practical and easy, the use of digital invoices via email is also considered more friendly to the environment. The use of a lot of paper will only add to the environmental problems around us.

In general, this e-mail invoice also contains important information in the form of the amount billed, the due date, and the method of payment. The following is an example of an invoice via email that has been widely used by companies in Indonesia.

11. Project Billing Invoice

Project invoices are a different type of invoice from invoices in general. Basically, in the invoice, the project bill contains more information about project transactions. As it is known that in carrying out a project it requires a lot of goods and services.

Call it the various types of heavy equipment in the project construction process, not to mention the materials used, such as sand, cement, concrete, and so on. With so many types of materials and services used, project invoices must be made properly and carefully for customer satisfaction . For more details about an example of a project bill invoice, you can see in the following image.