Definition of Intervention
Definition of Intervention

Definition of Intervention

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The definition of intervention in general is an action taken by a body to include its “understanding” like someone who wants to help. It can be said that the interventionist is a third party.

There are also those who argue that intervention is an act of interfering in the political, economic, and cultural affairs of another country.

Not a few people claim that intervention is an exaggeration, but basically intervention is done because of the intention to help.

For more details, here sinaumedia will describe it specifically. In addition, we also present articles on the meaning of mitigation to add to your knowledge.

Definition of Intervention According to Experts

Experts have their own opinions on the intervention. To better understand it, you can refer to the opinions of experts as follows:

1. Dr. Wirjono Prodojodikoro

According to Dr. Wirjono Prodojodikoro, the notion of intervention is an intervention of a foreign country which is suppressive by means of violence or by threats of violence, if its wishes are not fulfilled.

2. Parry and Grant

Parry and Grant argue that the notion of intervention is the intervention of a dictatorial state against other countries with the aim of maintaining or changing certain actual conditions.

3rd JG Starke

JG Starke argued, the notion of intervention is a form of propaganda or other activities carried out by a country with the aim of encouraging a revolution or civil war in another country.

4. Oppenheiman Lauterpacht

Oppenheiman Lauterpacht stated, the meaning of intervention is the dictatorial intervention of a country in the affairs of other countries with the intention of maintaining or changing a situation, situation, or goods in that country.

5. Black’s Law Dictionary

Meanwhile, in the book Black’s Law Dictionary, the notion of intervention is the interference of a country in the affairs of another country by exploiting the power or threat it has.

Kinds of Intervention

Interventions are often used in various fields, such as law, government, health, nursing, psychology, education, and others. The following describes interventions in several areas:

  • Legal Intervention
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Third party interference in a matter or ongoing civil law between the plaintiff and the defendant.

  • Government Intervention

Efforts and actions to pressure certain parties launched by the government in a work plan with the aim of achieving something even better.

  • Health Intervention


Rational actions carried out in the interests of patients on the basis of decisions of doctors or nurses or collaborative interventions between the two.

  • Nursing Intervention

The intervention of a doctor or nurse made to help a patient move to a stage of health or complete recovery.

  • Psychological Intervention

The form of psychological services individually, in pairs, groups or with families where patients come to the psychology bureau to treat certain psychological conditions.

Forms of Intervention

Kalevi J. Holsti revealed that intervention has six forms. The forms are as follows:

1. Diplomatic Intervention

A form of intervention in which a diplomat comments in favor of a political case or issue affecting the country in which he or she serves.

2. Classical Intervention

Interventions carried out with dark activities or secret missions. As an example of tapping information on a country with a specific purpose.

3. Military Strength Exhibition

This form is considered efficient because the cost is relatively cheap and the risk is low compared to sending a real military expedition to a place.

4. Subversion 

Subversion is known as the underground movement. Subversion is a political and military movement that is organized, supported, and directed by a foreign country, the purpose of which is to exploit various elements in the target country.

5. Guerrilla

Guerrilla is a combination of subversion with conventional warfare systems. Guerrillas are not always the result of intervention by foreign powers, but quite a number of guerrilla activities are manifestations of intervention.

6. Military Intervention

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This form of intervention is manifested by sending military expeditions to support a government in power or assist rebel groups.

Types of Interventions

Based on the type, interventions are divided into two types, namely based on their reach and impact. Here’s the explanation:

1. Interventions Based on Reach

  • Internal intervention : The act of intervening by a foreign country to support certain groups in order to defect or rebel against the legitimate government.
  • External Intervention : The act of intervention by a foreign country in the ongoing war between two other countries, which has the aim of reconciling or reducing conflict without defending one of the parties involved in the war.
  • Reprisal Intervention : Intervention activities carried out by a country with the aim of retaliating for losses suffered by other countries by causing losses, such as an example of a blockade.

2. Interventions Based on Impact

  • Positive Intervention : Actions from foreign countries or world institutions that aim to uphold justice. One of the international organizations that often makes positive interventions is the United Nations (UN).
  • Negative Intervention : Reaction from foreign countries with the aim of obtaining or utilizing various products that exist in a country. This form of negative intervention is usually carried out by developed countries against developing countries.

Examples of Intervention Actions

  • Carry out an embargo against a country that is hostile to other state institutions.
  • Sending soldiers to a warring country that was clearly none of his business.
  • Waging war by means of blockades to other countries, and having no connection at all.

Thus the definition of intervention along with the types, forms, types, and examples of intervention actions. Hopefully it can be useful.

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