Bank Functions and Types of Banks We Should Know

The Roles and Functions of Banks and Their Types That We Should Know- Modern society like us must have used many bank services for various types of financial-related activities such as saving, borrowing money, and making various transactions that make it easier for us not to bother using Cash, of course, will also be at high risk if we carry large amounts of cash.

The presence of a bank as a mode of financial transactions based on mutual trust between the bank and the customer to entrust the customer’s finances to the bank makes it very easy for us in various needs. Having a bank also minimizes the money we have that is damaged or lost in the house because the bank guarantees our finances which they will save and manage in their own way, of course with the agreement of both parties between the bank and its customers.

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But do we all know what the role of the bank is? Which is actually one of the most vital human needs, namely money transactions, where when it comes to money matters, great caution is needed so that our money is guaranteed to be safe. And, maybe what we know about banks is only a place to keep money in general without knowing as a whole that there are many types of banks based on their functions that we don’t know yet.
So, in this discussion we will try to discuss the role of bank functions and the types that we need to know below.