Banker is an Important Job in a Bank, What are the Jobdesc?

Banker is – In modern civilization, the existence of a bank is sometimes underestimated by many people. In fact, the existence of a bank allows a person to save money, whether it’s gift money or income money safely. If there is no bank, it may be difficult for us to find a safe place to save.

What’s more, with advances in technology in the digital era, it’s easier for us to put the money we have into a deposit. We don’t have to bother coming to a bank branch office and then queuing and filling out forms, before finally we can put money into a deposit.

Even so, bank branch offices are still needed by a handful of people, especially those who don’t understand technology. Therefore, many banks try to provide the best service for people who need their services at branch offices.

There are many workers that Sinaumed’s can find in branch offices and bank head offices. Among all these workers, it can be said that a banker is one of the workers who plays an important role in the continuity of the bank, both bank workers and their customers.

Definition of Bankers

Sinaumed’s may have heard the term “banker”. From the name, you can definitely conclude that a banker is a person who works at a bank. However, do you know what a banker means and what bankers do in their jobs?

First of all, we will first study the meaning of a banker. For this reason, we will open two types of dictionaries in order to gain a deeper understanding of bankers. The two dictionaries are the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) and the Oxford Dictionary in English.

If you open the KBBI, you can find three definitions of banker. A banker, or in formal terms referred to as a “banker”, is a person who manages a bank, a person who trades money, or a person who is a supporter in financial matters, also known as a “cukong”.

Meanwhile, the definition of banker from the Oxford Dictionary is not much different from the KBBI. Translated into Indonesian, a banker is an official or owner of a bank or a group of banks. Even so, there are also other definitions of bankers that are not in accordance with the topic this time.

Banker according to the Oxford Dictionary can also be interpreted as a person who runs the table, controls the game, or acts as a dealer in some gambling or board games. This term is only used in gambling, and is rarely heard in everyday life.

Therefore, Sinaumed’s can conclude that a banker is a person who serves as one of the most important workers of a bank. They have a big hand in the circulation of money in a bank, and take care of the bank’s finances in general.

The job of a banker is actually not a job that is foreign to the ears of the general public. Even so, there are still a handful of people who have not got an idea about this work. The book “ Ok to the Bank – 8 Notes of a Banker @work ” can at least provide a rough overview of the work and daily life of a banker.

Jobdesk Banker

Generally, the higher a position in a company, the more jobdesk they have. Even if in the end the jobdesk with this position is not as many as expected, the jobdesk should have a heavier weight than the other positions below it.

The explanation above also applies to bankers. Although not the highest position in a bank, a banker also has a number of important job desks. As previously said, its role in a bank is quite vital and can even affect the sustainability of the bank’s ecosystem.

Basically, bankers have a duty to assist clients’ personal and commercial needs through questions related to their needs and financial conditions at that time. This task may involve setting up accounts, planning a budget or offering financial advice.

In addition, bankers also have the responsibility to raise capital for the financial institutions where they work so they can provide loans to clients. This loan is also useful for investing in a number of other business opportunities.

So, if we outline, there are at least 5 things or jobdesks that bankers need to do in their jobs. The following is a summary of the tasks that a banker must perform.

  • Opening and closing various accounts, such as checking and savings accounts.
  • Provide valid and appropriate advice to customers regarding financial services.
  • Promote and sell products and services, including loans and investments.
  • Provide customer service, including welcoming new clients and handling customer complaints.
  • Raising capital to enable banks to issue loans.
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For Sinaumed’s, who have started to be interested in the job of a banker, you may be wondering how you can be accepted to work in this position. This includes what degree can be used to apply for a banker position, qualifications, and hard skills or soft skills required.

To answer some of the questions above, you need to know what abilities a person has so that they can be accepted to work as a banker. At least, there are 7 skills both soft skills and hard skills that must be possessed by bankers. The 7 skills are:

  • Thorough understanding of banking and financial solutions.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Excellent number crunching skills and an understanding of how banking software works.
  • Knowledge of regulations and best practices regarding personal, commercial or business banking.
  • Ability to find opportunities for sales referrals.
  • A customer-focused approach to solving problems
  • Careful attention to detail

Apart from a number of soft skills that can be learned by anyone from various majors, some of the hard skills above are generally only found in several departments on campus. These majors are the Department of Management, the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Economics, and of course, the Department of Banking.

Even so, Sinaumed’s, who comes from that department, shouldn’t be too quick to have fun. Generally, banker jobs do not accept fresh graduates to work in this position. Generally, banks look for people who have experience working in a bank for at least 2 to 3 years before being able to work as a banker.

Banker salaries can be said to be above average, although when compared to other higher positions, the difference will be quite significant. Generally, bankers receive a salary of around 5 million to 6 million rupiah per month.

In closing on the topic of banker work, Sinaumed’s needs to know that the jobdesk, qualifications, job criteria, and salary mentioned above are not information that applies to all bank companies, but only general information.

If Sinaumed’s is really interested in working as a banker, it would be better if you make sure yourself regarding the jobdesk, criteria and qualifications, and salary. This is because each bank office has different policies, so they cannot be generalized from one to another.

It was already explained that a banker is one of the most important positions in a bank, and whether someone is successful or not in carrying out that role can affect the condition of a bank. Sinaumed’s can read the book ” The Existence of Bankers in Indonesian Banking Dynamics ” to prove the truth of the facts above.

Other Bank Workers

It is true that the existence of a banker is important for a bank. However, that does not mean that other positions in a bank can be ruled out just like that. In every field of work, the smallest position still plays an important role.

For example, a job that many people may underestimate is a security guard unit or commonly called a security guard. Even though it seems trivial, the presence of a security guard can actually guarantee security at a location.

Of course the same thing also applies in positions in the bank. Whether it’s a position that is quite below or a position that is above, all have their respective roles. Not if someone feels that their position is more important than the others.

In this closing session, Sinaumed’s will study a number of positions or positions that you can find in offices at banks. The hope is that Sinaumed’s’ knowledge of work in a bank can increase, and you can also appreciate and not underestimate other jobs.

1. Tellers

Salary range: 3 million rupiah – 4.5 million rupiah

The first job we will cover is a teller, or also known as a bank teller. A bank teller has the responsibility of assisting their customers in cashing checks, withdrawing money, transferring transactions to different accounts, setting up checking and savings accounts, and presenting checks to customers.

Therefore, bank tellers are required to have ethical skills and be able to maintain confidentiality and must uphold account information held by their customers. In addition, bank tellers must also have good problem solving skills and be able to communicate verbally.

In general, prospective bank tellers require at least a high school diploma (SMA). Someone who has a diploma, bachelor’s degree or other higher degree can certainly be of added value in the eyes of recruiters.

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2. Credit Analyst

Salary range: 3.5 million rupiah (junior) – 8 million rupiah (senior)

Credit analysts, or in Indonesian they are also known as credit analysts, usually work for investment banks, investment firms, credit card companies, or other institutions and companies that involve the process of lending money to their customers.

They are responsible for reviewing the financial history and also the credit scores of customers requesting credit loans. The main difference between credit analysts and other professions in similar fields is that they can only provide recommendations whether or not customers can request loans.

To become a credit analyst, generally the degree that recruiters are looking for is a Bachelor of Finance or Bachelor of Economics degree. In addition, applicants are also required to have extensive knowledge of statistical topics, financial reports and ratio analysis.

3. Mortgage Consultants

Salary range: 5 million rupiah – 6 million rupiah

Also known as a mortgage consultant in Indonesian. This position is usually filled by casual workers in a company. It could also be that the worker is the owner of a business engaged in the mortgage sector and its surroundings.

The mortgage consultant’s job is basically to help companies or individuals identify their mortgage needs, assess the client’s financial history and determine the type of mortgage that suits their needs and abilities. From the jobdesk above, they can help clients determine which lending institution is most likely to give them a loan.

Mortgage consultants who work freelance can use a high school diploma, provided they have extensive knowledge in that field. While those who wish to work in a bank or agency, it is more advisable to have a bachelor’s degree in finance, real estate or a related field.

4. Financial Advisors

Salary range: 3.5 million rupiah – 6 million rupiah

Commonly referred to as financial advisors in Indonesian, they usually work as part of financial institutions such as banks to assist clients and customers in determining their financial goals and the best way to achieve them.

Therefore, financial advisors should also be involved in the stock market of customers or clients to review their financial records and provide customers or clients with advice on the best decisions they can make for their finances.

Typically, financial advisor candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a field such as economics, statistics, finance or business. They must also have at least several years of experience in a finance-related field, such as an investment specialist, banker or credit analyst.

5. Relationship Managers

Salary range: 4.5 million rupiah (junior) – 12 million rupiah (senior)

Relationship managers work for banks or other similar financial institutions and act as the main communicator between customers and the financial institution itself. The main jobdesk of a relationship manager is to maintain customer loyalty, generally by contacting them via email or telephone.

In addition, the relationship manager is also burdened with the responsibility of fostering relationships with customers or new customers by helping them get bank membership and making them the type of savings they need.

Those wishing to work as relationship managers are usually required to hold a bachelor’s degree in communications, finance or business administration. In addition, they must also have good communication skills, especially with customers and clients.

With the many explanations above, starting from the definition of a banker, jobdesk banker, to other jobs at a bank, it can make Sinaumed’s confused in absorbing the information. If so, Sinaumed’s can try to find additional information from articles or other books related to banks, such as the book ” Understanding the Bank’s Business “.

From the article above, it is also possible that some of the Sinaumed’s understand how broad the world of work is. The majority of this article only discusses related to bankers, starting from understanding and jobdesk. However, the topic broadens and leads to other topics of discussion that are in line with the previous banker theme.

We hope that, apart from being able to open up Sinaumed’s’ insight into something that you did not know before, this article can also make Sinaumed’s dare to dream about your work in the future. Because, it doesn’t matter what job you want in the future, as long as it’s halal and able to support you.