7 Traditional Clothing of South Sulawesi which is still sustainable today

Traditional Clothing of South Sulawesi – Indonesia is a country consisting of various islands. Where the islands in Indonesia also consist of various kinds of their own regions. Every region in Indonesia has its own diversity.

For example, the matter of traditional clothing that is owned by one region to another is so different. Each difference in traditional clothing can also become the identity of each region.

So, in this article, we will specifically discuss the traditional clothes of South Sulawesi, which in South Sulawesi itself has more than two traditional clothes. Each South Sulawesi traditional dress has its own uniqueness. So that you also understand more, here is an explanation of the traditional clothes of South Sulawesi.

South Sulawesi Traditional Clothing

1. Stupid clothes

Bodo clothes are one of the traditional clothes of South Sulawesi. Which is more precise Bodo clothes are traditional clothes native to the Bugis tribe. Bodo clothes are also included in the row of the oldest traditional clothes in the world.

Investigate a calibaration it turns out that the people of South Sulawesi have been wearing Bodo clothes since the 9th century. At the beginning of its appearance, Bodo clothes were made using a cloth that was quite transparent. However, when Islam began to enter Bugis land, the existence of Bodo clothes was modified using thicker materials.

Bodo clothes are traditional clothes that are specifically made to be worn by women, which, judging from the design, Bodo clothes have quite a unique shape. The uniqueness lies in the rectangular shape combined with the short sleeves.

Apart from that, the colors of Bodo clothes also have such beautiful diversity and their blends. The variety of colors in Bodo clothes is a symbol of the age and status of each wearer. For example, the Bodo shirt with green color is used as a symbol if the woman wearing it comes from the nobility.

Then, for Bodo clothes with white color it means if the wearer of the traditional clothes comes from a shaman or helper. The purple color on Bodo’s clothes is a symbol if the wearer is a widow.

Meanwhile, the orange color on Bodo’s shirt gives a meaning if the woman wearing it is 10 years old. For Bodo clothes in red, it shows that the woman wearing it is 17 years old.

Bodo clothes are made from Muslim fabrics. Which Muslim cloth is a cloth made by spinning cotton and then it will be sewn together with cotton cloth. This will make Bodo wearers always feel comfortable.

To support the comfortable feeling of the wearer of the traditional clothes, the Bodo clothes will be made looser with the thread cavities which are also made quite tenuous. Usually wearing Bodo clothes will be paired with the use of a sarong with a checkered pattern on the bottom.

The way to wear a Bodo shirt is by rolling it with your left hand. Bodo clothes are also equipped with a variety of additional accessories. For example, such as rings, gold headbands, bracelets and also metal pieces. These accessories are usually made of gilded gold or metal.

2. Labbu clothes

The next South Sulawesi traditional dress is the Labbu shirt. Where this traditional dress is made specifically for use on women. In the past, the existence of Labbu clothes was only used by noble women in the kingdom of Luwu.

Even though in the past, Labbu clothes were worn specifically by women from the nobility. But for now, Labbu clothes can be used by all women from all walks of life. Usually Labbu clothes will be worn by women when attending traditional ceremonies or when attending wedding ceremonies.

This South Sulawesi traditional clothing also has a uniqueness which lies in the shape of the design. Where on the sleeves of Labbu’s clothes are made quite tight with an elongated shape. As for the cloth used to make traditional South Sulawesi clothing, it is a thin silk cloth.

Meanwhile, to complement Labbu’s bottoms, he will use a lipa’ sarong. Not only that, currently the existence of Labbu clothes also has various motifs. For example, there are floral patterns on the chest and sleeves of Labbu’s clothes.

3. Tutu Dress

The Tutu shirt is one of the next South Sulawesi traditional clothes. Tutu clothes are made specifically to be worn by men. This South Sulawesi traditional dress is in the form of a suit.

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When worn, the Tutu shirt will be combined with the use of a chest defense shirt. In addition, the use of a Tutu shirt will also be worn along with the use of pants and sarongs and lipa’ garusuk.

For the head, the men will use the songkok recca which is so unique and also different from the usual songkok where the songkok recca has a gold motif on the side. The existence of the gold motif is also a sign of nobility status.

Then for the shape of the tutu jacket it has long sleeves and the collar will be decorated with buttons made of gold or silver. The collar will later be attached to the neck of the Tutu shirt. This of course will make the existence of the Tutu shirt look so charming than before it was given a touch of the collar.

Then for the lipa cloth or the sarong part, you will use plain cloth but have quite striking colors, such as red or green. Bodo clothes and Bugis tutu clothes were previously only worn in various important ceremonies such as weddings.

But for now the existence of the Tutu shirt has undergone many modifications so that it can be used in any activity. In fact, not infrequently we can also find Tutu clothes when there are dance competitions or welcoming guests of honor.

4. Pokko clothes

Furthermore, there is the Pokko shirt which is also included in one of the traditional clothes of South Sulawesi. Where Pokko clothes come from the Toraja tribe which are made specifically to be worn by women. The Pokko shirt is a short-sleeved shirt with a striking color

The colors of the Pokko clothes are usually yellow, red and also white which are the colors that are characteristic of the South Sulawesi Pokko clothes. The existence of Pokko clothes is often used with additional accessories such as jewelry or beads.

These beads will later be placed on the chest and use additional bracelets and headbands or belts which are commonly called kandure. Pokko clothes are usually only used when there is an official event.

5. Seppa Tallung shirt

The Seppa Tallung shirt is one of the traditional clothes of South Sulawesi where the Seppa Tallung shirt is made specifically to be worn by men from the Toraja tribe. Where this traditional dress has a length that reaches the knee.

The use of Seppa Tallung clothes will usually be worn together with additional accessories such as lipa, gayang and others. The existence of the Seppa Tallung shirt became even more famous when it was worn at the Manhunt International 2022 event in South Korea.

Apart from that, the Seppa Tallung shirt also has uniqueness, such as color and the presence of distinctive accessories from the Toraja tribe which can give a very positive impression to those who wear it.

During the performance, Seppa Tallung’s clothes were shown to have undergone modifications. For example, there are many additional accessories in Seppa Tallung’s clothes, such as wings and horns. This will make the existence of Seppa Tallung’s clothes even more amazing and stunning.

6. Pattuqduq Towaine’s shirt

Next is the Pattuqduq Towaine dress which is one of the traditional clothes of South Sulawesi. More precisely, Pattuqduq Towaine’s clothes come from the Mandar tribe. The existence of this traditional dress is usually worn to attend weddings or during the Pattuqduq dance performance.

Generally, Pattuqduq Towaine’s clothes consist of 18 pieces. However, if the Pattuqduq Towaine dress is worn at a wedding, then the traditional clothes that will be worn are 24 pieces.

Pattuqduq Towaine’s clothes also consist of various types. Some types of Pattuqduq Towaine’s clothing are Rawang Boko or basic clothes, Lipaq Saqbe Mandar or patterned sarongs, Lipaq Aqdi Dirattwe or special sarongs that use chains and there is also the Lipaq Aqdi Dirrater Duatdong or sarong on the bottom edge.

The use of Pattuqduq Towaine’s clothes will be worn with various kinds of jewelry. Starting from the head jewelry to the hands. This is done not without reason, because the use of these jewelery is one of the cultural forms of the Mandar tribe.

The majority of Pattuqduq Towaine’s clothes are worn by women. Then for men will use a closed jacket made of silk. At the top it will be combined with trousers and a sarong that will be placed at the waist.

The existence of traditional clothing for men will symbolize that the Mandar tribe must always be agile in working and acting.

7. Bella Dada shirt

If the Bella Dada clothes are traditional clothes of the Makassar Bugis tribe worn by women. So, Bella Dada clothes are traditional clothes that will be worn by men. Having the name Bella Dada can also be interpreted as a dress that has a slit on the chest.

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The model of the Bella Dada shirt has long sleeves with a collared neckline and is adorned with gold or silver buttons. In addition there are also additional pockets on the right and left of the shirt.

Next, on the part of the trousers that complement Bella Dada’s clothes, usually called Paroci, which is wrapped in a sarong, which is usually called lipa’garusu. When wearing this traditional dress, Makassar men will add a headdress called passapu’.

Bella Dada clothes are usually made of traditional cloth without any motifs or are plain but have bright, striking colors such as red and green. Apart from jewelery for passapu’, Bella Dada’s clothes will also be equipped with accessories such as bracelets, daggers and other decorations.

Men will wear Bella Dada clothes when attending traditional ceremonies, weddings and state events as well as other formal events.

South Sulawesi bridal attire

South Sulawesi wedding dress will usually be chosen according to the wishes of the bride and groom. Where generally the men will wear Turu clothes or clothing models that will be adjusted to the dress worn by the bride.

As for the bride, she will usually wear a Bodo dress. Where the color chosen in the shirt will be adjusted to the color worn by the groom.

Due to the use of these traditional clothes for weddings, these clothes will be made with higher quality materials. In addition, the South Sulawesi wedding dress will be given a touch of hands in the form of accessories to make it look more elegant and lively which will also be adapted to the wedding atmosphere.

South Sulawesi Traditional Clothing for Children

Traditional clothing for South Sulawesi children will usually wear bodo clothes. As previously explained, Bodo clothes have colors that can represent a person’s status. Especially for children, they will wear orange Bodo clothes.

Meanwhile, when they grow up, the Bodo clothes they wear will have a blood red color. Usually the women will wear Bodo clothes in red. As for the shamans, they will wear white Bodo clothes.

Additional Accessories for South Sulawesi Traditional Clothing

As previously explained, South Sulawesi traditional clothes will be worn together with several additional accessories, especially for traditional clothes worn by women. Where the use of these accessories will be worn in various events such as weddings or when wearing Bodo clothes and Labbu clothes.

For example, such as the use of hair accessories where later the bride and groom will have a bun standing straight behind the head which is usually called Simpolong Teppong. Furthermore, the hair will be equipped with rocking betel nuts and simpolong flowers which have been arranged neatly on the right and left sides.

Not only that, because additional accessories such as crowns or headbands which are commonly called saloko will also be worn. Where the existence of this saloko accessory is a symbol of the majesty of the peacock which is so charming in shape.

Complementary Weapons from South Sulawesi Traditional Clothing

Previously, it was explained that the traditional clothes of South Sulawesi women would be equipped with a variety of additional accessories. As for the traditional clothes of the men of South Sulawesi, they will be equipped with a traditional weapon in the form of a keris. The Pasatimpo Keris is a type of keris with a sheath made of gold.

So that’s an explanation regarding the traditional clothing of South Sulawesi and its additional accessories. The existence of the traditional clothes of South Sulawesi is still there. This is none other than because on important occasions such as weddings, the presence of South Sulawesi is still being used.

Even some of the traditional clothes of South Sulawesi have also undergone modifications. This will make some of the traditional clothes of South Sulawesi not only be used by the nobility, but also can be worn by everyone in various events.

It is appropriate for us as Indonesian citizens to always maintain cultural diversity such as the existence of the South Sulawesi traditional clothing. There are many ways you can do to preserve the existence of traditional clothes. For example, still wearing traditional clothes on certain occasions such as weddings or other official events. That way, until whenever the existence of traditional clothes will continue to be sustainable from generation to generation.