7 Reasons Why Society Always Experiences Socio-Cultural Changes

Why do people always experience socio-cultural changes? This question will have many answers that fall into two factors. Socio-cultural change is something that happens in society.

Socio-cultural changes occur because of changes in the existing structure in society. One of them is the change in social function. When social change occurs, it will automatically affect other things in society itself.

There are two factors that are the reason why society is always experiencing social change. Both of these factors come from within or internal factors, and come from outside or external factors. Here is an explanation.

1. Internal Factors

a. Demographics

Demographics is a term often used for statistical recording. The meaning of the word demography is often associated with demographic matters. Then, what is the meaning of demography?

Demographics has several meanings. Demographics are statistical data concerning the population. It is based on several classifications. Such as race, age, gender, occupation, religion and education.

In addition, other classifications are also related to population density, income level and so on. Birth rates and death rates will also be discussed in demography. Demographics is one of the most important data.

When the government makes a policy, demography will be a consideration. Governments commonly use demographics as planning. Policy planning to the distribution of resources. Such activities should pay attention to the demographics first.

There are several government policies based on demographics. Such as building facilities for the public, distributing subsidies, social assistance and so on. In addition, in terms of the company’s economy also requires demographics.

The meaning of the word demography is also closely related to market determination. For example, a company that manufactures luxury motorcycles. They want to reach the market in a country, so they have to know the demographics first.

They will find out how the income in that country. This is seen based on demographics. In addition, it must also be seen how the level of income of the people of that country.

Those are the ways companies determine the market. Almost all countries have special agencies dealing with demographic issues. In Indonesia, demography is the responsibility of the Central Bureau of Statistics or BPS.

Demographic data will show very detailed things. Population data is significantly contributed by the Population Census. This is done every 10 years. Demographic statistics will provide detailed information, such as the population in an area.

Demographics is one of the reasons why society is constantly experiencing socio-cultural changes. This will be related to the population. Increasing and decreasing population is one of the internal factors.

The population will encourage socio-cultural changes. Both the population continues to increase and the population continues to decrease. Mixing between various kinds of patterns and behavior will occur in society.

This occurs through increasing or decreasing population. It will result in the order of life. In addition, society will also experience changes.

The changes experienced can be a good thing or a bad thing. In Indonesia itself, changes in population occur through births and deaths. A very large population will be a serious problem.

Especially in urban areas. If the population is getting bigger, the problems that must be faced are also getting bigger. Population growth will affect many things.

Starting from the job to the amount of available land. In addition, population growth will also affect facilities and infrastructure in an area.

b. There is a New Discovery

The reason why society is constantly experiencing socio-cultural changes is also influenced by new discoveries. Social change will occur along with new discoveries. These new discoveries can occur in certain fields.

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New discoveries will have an effect on social change. This applies both to inventions of tools, inventions and inventions of ideas. New discoveries that are accepted and recognized by the public are called inventions . Occurs in discovery which takes a long time.

Examples include communication and technology. As time progresses, more and more discoveries will be made. Especially in the technology sector.

Technology and communication are actually two related fields. We can take the telephone as an example. The telephone is one of the tools created by technology.

This tool is used in terms of communication. In ancient times, people would communicate through a number of things. Examples include letters.

As the times progressed, the telephone came to communicate. This makes people do not need letters back. Times are growing, smart phones or smartphones appear .

Smartphones are objects that provide many social changes to society. People who often read newspapers, for example. Previously, they would subscribe to the newspaper every week.

After that they can find out what news happened that week. However, now the situation is different. Smartphones apparently take over a lot of things in life, not only for communicating.

For example like the things in the newspaper earlier. It turns out that many people are switching to reading through the smart phone. That’s because in the smartphone there is also information in the newspaper.

Social changes also occurred. Publishers will make news in digital form. Like on social media, websites, or making special applications for the news portal. Over time, newspapers will be abandoned by people who switch to smartphones.

That’s one simple example of a new discovery. These discoveries can change social status, social interaction, people’s mindset to actions that can be taken by the community.

c. Conflict in Society

Conflict is a conflict or disagreement. Conflicts can occur between individuals, between groups, or between individuals and groups. The factors that cause conflict in society also vary.

The most common cause of conflict is a difference. As is well known, Indonesia is a country with diverse customs and culture, so it has many differences. It is this difference that creates conflict among the people.

However, there are still many factors associated with it. As a social phenomenon, conflict is a natural thing that happens in society. The reason is, every individual or group must have a desire.

The desire for power, prestige, welfare, social support and even access to various resources. For example, if you have the same desire as other individuals or other groups. While something you want is something that is difficult to get.

This is what gave birth to competition among people. The competition often ends in the form of conflict. Disputes are things that easily occur between people.

However, in sociology, conflict is the impact of social interaction. Social interaction is considered to have associative and dissociative effects. In addition, it can strengthen between individuals or between groups.

d. Rebellion or Revolution

Community problems that exist in a country are not just conflicts. One of them is rebellion or revolution. This rebellion or revolution can be the reason why society is always experiencing social change.

This rebellion generally arises because of a sense of dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction can include many things. One example is dissatisfaction with government policies, or the handling of a problem.

Rebellion is not carried out by one person alone. However, some people do it. They will rebel against those in power.

It is this dissatisfaction that will drive the revolutionary movement. Then it is a form of rebellion. After that, social change was born among the people.

2. External Factors

a. Changes in the Natural Environment

One thing that has a very important role in life is the natural environment. The natural environment plays a vital role in human life. This is because humans live in and side by side with nature.

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The natural environment which is the reason why people are constantly experiencing socio-cultural changes is the surrounding environment. The surrounding environment will affect the development of all living things on earth.

Therefore, the natural environment will play a role in socio-cultural changes. Changes in the natural environment are caused by humans or nature itself. Each change will affect the life of living things.

An example of a natural condition caused by humans is littering. Throwing garbage anywhere is a very influential thing in life. The result can cause flooding.

After that came the social change from society. Real examples of changes in nature are also happening due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though it has a huge impact on life, this pandemic also has an impact on nature.

At the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, people were asked to stay at home. Indirectly, this condition helps nature to heal itself. It is known that air pollution decreases at that time, so the air becomes clearer.

Not only that, the Covid-19 pandemic has also made social changes in society. Such as changes in the education system that switches to using technology. Actually, not only education, many things have turned to the digital realm as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

b. Influence from Other Cultures

This external factor is a significant factor in answering the reasons why society is constantly experiencing socio-cultural changes. Other cultures that enter society often leave scars. These scars make socio-cultural changes.

However, the former referred to here is another word for people being captivated by other cultures. It also has an impact on the life of the community itself. Like western cultures that entered Indonesia.

The tendency between physical relations carried out by two or more people certainly has reciprocity. This means that among members of society will certainly have an influence on culture. Other people’s culture will be accepted and will affect the community.

It happened sooner or later. Another example of a strong influence from other cultures is from South Korea. This country, which has many groups or idols, is very popular in Indonesia.

As a result of the influx of South Korean culture, there was social change. As in terms of music, clothing, beauty to food. These are examples of socio-cultural changes.

If the culture in society influences each other, it will cause other things. Examples include assimilation, diffusion, acculturation and so on. That is an example of another culture in its influence on socio-cultural change.

c. War

War is also one of the reasons why society is constantly experiencing socio-cultural changes. Warfare generally occurs between groups with groups. The winning group will impose its culture.

Social change is one of the impacts that occur as a result of war. This social change will involve all components of society. After that it will bring various kinds of changes.

Changes that occur in the social order have a certain scale. Both large and small scale.

Those are 7 reasons why society is constantly experiencing socio-cultural changes. Find other interesting things at www.sinaumedia.com . sinaumedia as #FriendsWithoutLimits will always present interesting articles and recommendations for the best books for Sinaumed’s.

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