18 Definition of the Environment According to Experts and Their Functions

Understanding the environment is often equated with the life of living things. It’s not wrong. The reason is, all activities carried out by living things must be the environment participating in it.

In life, living things cannot be separated from their environment. This applies to the natural environment or social environment. For example, like humans, when breathing, you will definitely need air from the surrounding environment.

When living things drink or eat, of course it comes from the environment. That’s what makes the environment one of the most important things in the life of living things.

This article will discuss the notion of the environment. It will also explain the definition of environment according to various experts. And there is an explanation of the function of the environment itself.

Definition of Environment

These conditions include conditions between natural resources. Such as water, soil, minerals, flora, fauna, or solar energy. All these things grow and live in the environment. Through institutions that include human creation, such as decisions about how the physical environment is used.

The environment is a medium in which living things live. In addition, in the environment living things will also seek and have character. Not only that, living things can also have unique functions that are reciprocally related to the existence of living things that live there, especially humans because they have a complex and real role.

In simple terms, the notion of the environment is everything that is around humans. The environment can also affect the development of human life. Without the environment, ecosystems and weather changes may not work well. This is because there are many elements that mutually form the environment, so that the environment becomes a more complex place.

Understanding the Environment According to Experts

1. Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI)

The definition of environment according to KBBI includes several things. First, the environment is the area or area included in it. Second, the environment is a part of the area within the kelurahan which is the work environment for implementing village administration. Third, the environment is all things that affect the growth of humans or animals.

In KBBI, the environment is also divided into several things. Such as natural environment, living environment, cultural environment, macro environment, inanimate environment, micro environment, business environment, programming environment, justice environment, system environment, social environment, and execution time environment.

2. Forestry Encyclopedia

The definition of environment is also found in the forestry encyclopedia. This is because the environment is the object of study in the forestry sector. Environment is the total of all non-genetic factors. This amount has an influence on the growth and reproduction of trees.

3. Ecological Dictionary

Not only in the forestry encyclopedia. The definition of environment is also in the ecological dictionary. The environment is part of a whole that is related to one another. In addition, the environment is also related to living things and non-living things. The whole exists naturally on earth and other areas.

4. Bintarto

The simple definition of the environment according to Bintarto is everything that exists around human life. These things are like objects or non-objects. As well as influencing and being influenced by the attitudes and actions that are owned by humans.

5. SJ McNaughton and Larry L. Wolf

J. McNaughton and Larry L. Wolf explained that the notion of the environment is all external factors. The factors in question are either physical or biological in nature. These factors have a direct influence on life. Such as growth, development and reproductive activities of an organism.

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6. Otto Soemarwoto

Otto Soemarwoto explains the notion of the environment more complexly. The environment in English is environment . The environment can be interpreted as the sum of all objects and circumstances.

This amount is in a space that is used as a place to live by humans. The space can also affect life. The number of living spaces is theoretically unlimited. However, their number is practically limited.

This is in accordance with the requirements that have been determined. Examples include natural elements such as rivers, seas, forests. It can also be an element in the world of politics and so on.

In simple terms, according to Otto Soemarwoto, the environment is everything that exists in all organisms or living things. These things also have a great influence on the life of living things themselves.

7. Jonny Purba

The definition of the environment according to Jonny Purba is something that has status as the location where all activities occur. These activities include good activities such as social interaction with various groups and their institutions. As well as all other activities that are influenced by the symbols and values ​​that apply.

8. Amsyari (1989)

Amsyari (1989) expressed his opinion about the environment. Amsyari’s understanding of the environment is divided into three groups. The first group, is the physical environment. The physical environment is all things that are around humans. The form of the physical environment is an inanimate object. Such as air, water, light, stone, house, and so on.

The second group, is the biological environment. The biological environment in this sense is all the elements that exist around human life. Resembling living organisms, except those that exist in humans themselves, for example, such as plants and animals.

Group when, is the social environment. The social environment is the life of a group of people in a community environment. In this social environment, humans are interconnected with society.

9. Ahmad (1987)

The environment is a unit with human life. According to Ahmad, the notion of the environment is a system in life. In this living system there is an intervention from humans.

10. Darsono (1995)

Darsono’s opinion regarding the notion of the environment is all objects and conditions. As well as humans and their activities. All of these things are in a space in which humans live. All of these elements affect the continuity and welfare of human life. As well as all other living creatures.

11.St. Munadjat Danusaputro

St. Munadjat Danusaputro stated that the environment is all things in the form of conditions and objects. In addition, the environment also concerns humans and their actions and behavior. All of these things are in the space where humans live. And can affect welfare to survival and other microorganisms.

12. Supardi (2003)

The definition of environment according to Supardi is the sum of all objects. These objects include animate objects and inanimate objects. Including all the conditions that exist in the human environment to live. According to Supardi, the environment can be divided into two, namely the non-physical environment and the physical environment.

13. Michael Allaby

Michael Allaby also explained about the notion of the environment. The environment is the physical environment, biotic environment and chemical environment. All these things surround the life of the whole organism.

14. Emil Salim (1976)

Emil Salim explained that understanding is all things that include circumstances, objects, conditions and their effects. The meaning of influence is that which is in the space it occupies. The space has a great influence on living things. Including humans, plants and animals.

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15. Sri Hayati

The environment according to Sri Hayati is a unity between a space and all objects. As well as the state of living things in that space. in that unity there are also living things and their behavior. That applies to humans or other living things. For the sake of sustaining life and prosperity.

16. Soedjono

The environment is part of the living environment. According to Soedjono, in the environment there are two elements. These elements are the physical environment and the physical environment which includes all physical factors and physical elements. In simple terms, the notion of the environment is all about life. Such as humans, plants and animals.

17. Sambas Wirakusumah

Sambas Wirakusumah explained that the notion of the environment is all aspects that exist around humans. These aspects include external biological elements with living organisms. As well as the science of the environment which is the place of study of the organism’s own environment.

18. Law no. 23 of 1997

Law no. 23 of 1997 explains that the notion of the environment is the unity of space with all objects, power, circumstances, and living things, including humans and their behavior, which affect the continuity of life and the welfare of humans and other living things.

Environment Function

1. A place to find food

The main place for living things to find food is the environment. Within the environment, there are producers. These producers will provide a source of food for consumers.

In this case, the examples are like humans and animals. Meanwhile, only plants are included as producers. That’s because plants can make their own food, through the process of photosynthesis.

In contrast to plants, animals and humans still need the environment to find food. The food that animals and humans eat also comes from the surrounding environment. For example, humans eat animals such as chickens, cows and ducks. Animals that eat plants, such as cows and goats, eat grass.

2. A place to do activities

The second function of the environment for living things is as a place of activity. Within the environment, there are various activities. This activity is also carried out by all living things in it.

Especially for humans, the environment is used as a place to socialize. That’s because humans live with other humans, so they have to maintain relationships with each other. In the environment, humans will interact such as meeting the needs of life to develop culture or other things.

However, it is not only humans who carry out activities in the environment. Animals and plants can also carry out many activities in the environment. For example, like plants that grow in an environment.

Examples for animals are such as foraging and hunting. Animals also rely on the environment to breed and play there. Without an environment, living things cannot carry out their activities. That’s because there is no more room or place to do it.

3. A place to live

This point has been mentioned in many previous explanations. One of the main functions of the environment is as a place to live. Within the environment, there are various living things that live there.

The environment is a conducive and ideal place to work. Living things make the environment a place of interaction. Within the environment, living things can interact, rest and even protect themselves.

That is an explanation of the understanding of the environment in general and according to experts, as well as environmental functions. Find more information at www.sinaumedia.com . sinaumedia as #FriendsWithoutLimits will always present interesting articles and recommendations for the best books for Sinaumed’s.

Author: Wida Kurniasih

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