Electrical Grounding: Functions, Types, How to Install

Electrical Grounding

As we know, this ground is also known as grounding. Where this grounding or grounding is a complementary system that is in every electrical installation. Its own function is as a grounding system. In addition, the installation of grounding is also useful to provide protection for home electrical installations from various disturbances and hazards. How, interested to know more about … Read more

Types of Electrical Components and How They Work: A Comprehensive Review

Types of Electrical Components and Their Functions

Any electronic device that is used today turns out to have the smallest components in it. Where each component certainly has its own type and function. More or less that’s the picture of the electrical components. Well, the electrical components contained in electronic objects themselves are called circuits. For example, there is a component in a cell phone … Read more

What is Microcontroller

What is Microcontroller

you certainly don’t know a tool called this microcontroller. It can be said that this microcontroller is a chip that has an important role in programming in various electronic devices. In this article, we will discuss the understanding of microcontrollers, working principles, structures, block diagrams, advantages, disadvantages, types, functions and differences. For that, see the discussion … Read more

Integrated Circuit (IC) : Definition, History, Functions, Types and Examples

Integrated Circuit

Do you know what IC is? In general, IC is an important component that we often find in an electronic circuit. This time, we will discuss in more detail what IC is. Starting from understanding, history, types, functions, and also examples. So, don’t miss the complete information below, okay? What is IC / Integrated Circuit ? IC stands … Read more