Differences in Conflict Theory of Karl Marx and Ralf Dahrendorf

Differences in Conflict Theory of Karl Marx and Ralf Dahrendorf

Social conflict is a form of conflict in society that occurs due to various factors. The complexity of social conflict makes studying this phenomenon give rise to multiple theories. Among the sociological thinkers who formulated specific theories to analyze social conflict were Karl Marx and Ralf Dahrendorf. Conflict theory was born to oppose the theory of … Read more

Definition of Social Conflict and Its Theory According to the Experts

Social Conflict

From several conflict theories known in sociology, there are two groups, namely first, functional conflict theory and second, class conflict theory. There are various social groups in society. This diversity can lead to social conflicts that can have an impact on the disruption of the regularity of people’s lives. Social conflict can be triggered by … Read more

Conflict Theory According to Lewis A Coser’s Perspective

Conflict can also be positive for the fabric of a society or social group. Well, here is the conflict according to Luwis Coser, which states that conflict has a positive function. According to Coser’s perspective, conflict theory is a functional social system. According to Coser, conflicts that occur in society do not merely show a negative function. … Read more