Klitih: Definition, Causes, Laws, and Steps to Avoid Klitih

Klitih is – Klitih is one of the topics that is increasingly being discussed on social media. The term klitih is back in the spotlight, because various criminal acts in Jogja have been increasing lately. This example of the Klitih case occurred several times in Yogyakarta which occurred at night when several streets were starting to be quiet.

To find out more about Klitih, you can see a more complete explanation about Klitih starting from the definition, causes, laws, and steps to avoid Klitih. So, read this article to the end, Sinaumed’s.

Get to know Klitih

Klitih is a disturbing phenomenon for the people of Yogyakarta. This sudden and unexpected violence was carried out at night by two or more perpetrators. The weapons used are generally swords, machetes, and other sharp weapons. Klitih is also a phenomenon of juvenile delinquency that leads to crime. This klitih phenomenon itself acts on behalf of school gangs or groups of teenagers who attack each other.

The origin of the name Klitih, as explained by the criminal sociologist at Gadjah Mada University, Drs. Soeprapto, SU said that klitih comes from the Javanese language, namely klitah-klitih. In fact, the term clit was initially positive. Because, klitih is defined as an activity to fill free time that is positive. Examples of activities include traveling, sewing, reading, and so on.

However, the times have made this cliché meaning turn negative. Klitih is currently associated with criminal acts committed by two people traveling around on motorbikes.

The history of Klitih itself starts from 2007-2009 in Yogyakarta. At that time the Yogyakarta government made various policies regarding brawls. Students who participate in brawls will be returned to their parents. This policy eventually makes students bored because there are no activities. Finally, these students look for other activities, namely riding motorbikes and traveling around town, then they look for random enemies who are generally fellow students.

Causes of Klitih

In a research journal entitled “Factors for Determining Klitih Behavior”, it was identified that there is adolescent aggressiveness which ultimately causes or gives rise to clit behavior. The cause of klitih itself is a group of teenagers who have the same hobbies and activities. These teenagers have a sense of comfort and compatibility that arises from the group.

Like teenagers in general, they can also be influenced by other teenagers their age, so this friendship will lead to a negative direction, such as delinquency, drugs, and promiscuity. In this journal it is also explained that someone who commits violence aims to be recognized by the group. This recognition is also necessary so that a person can be included in a gang or group member.

Judging from the aspect of inter-group relations, it is known that a teenager will get a better name in his circle of friends or hangouts when they manage to injure other people on the street. However, there are two interesting results of this study to ponder, related to the emergence of clit behavior.

First, it is related to the condition of the house which can affect the behavior of adolescents which leads to clit, namely the disharmony of a household, which causes a child to not get the love and attention they need. In the end, these teenagers tend to look for it in the group.

The factor of domestic violence (domestic violence) also influences a child’s psychology, so that in the end when they grow up children become unable to control their emotions, and are unable to think clearly. Second, in addition to a household that is not harmonious, the absence of a role model is also one of the causes of aggressiveness and inability to control emotions.

In this study, it was stated that some of the teenagers who were used as research subjects did not know their parents. Finally, these teens become more easily carried away in the group. Neglect of a teenager in the school environment and the environment where he lives also triggers aggressive behavior, which ultimately leads to criminal acts. Like joining a clit group.

Tips for Avoiding Klitih

Increasingly, crimes and criminal acts are increasingly prevalent. Especially on the street, where criminals roam around looking for victims. Whether it’s pickpocketing, mugging, fraud, or sexual harassment, there are so many crimes that can happen on the street, and we can all be victims of them.

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Well, here below are tips that you can apply to avoid crime on the road.

Beware of Surrounding Conditions

Being aware of your surroundings is the most basic way you should practice to avoid crime. You will not be able to avoid the crime of klitih if you are not vigilant, for example, when you want to listen to music with a headset, adjust the volume. This needs to be done so that you can still hear the sounds around you.

Also, when walking alone at night, avoid using gadgets and just stay focused on the road and your surroundings.

As much as possible avoid traveling alone

If you want to go to a place in Yogyakarta that is far away or you have never visited before, as much as possible, never go alone. People who go alone have a greater risk of being a victim of clit, especially if you seem confused and look around for the address you’re looking for.

What’s more, if you’re a girl and you want to go out at night, it’s wise to ask someone to accompany you, and whenever possible, ask a man, whether that’s a friend, partner, or family member, to accompany you.

Look for Busy and Light Routes

When walking or driving try to choose a well-lit and busy road. Especially at night. Don’t feel at a loss if indeed to pass that road you have to turn quite far. It’s okay to be a little tired when compared to having to get a clit.

Do not use jewelry or excessive expensive items

For this one step, chances are you already know. Because, using jewelry excessively is an act that can provoke crime. You shouldn’t spend other expensive items such as jewelry, gadgets, and the like if you don’t really need them. Always appear simple and avoid showing off in order to maintain your own safety.

Use a Safe Bag in a Safe Way

The bag you use can also determine whether you manage to avoid crime or not. A bag that is thinner and easier to open is certainly a bad choice and will increase the risk of losing things in public places. So, use a bag with a thick material and more tightly closed.

The way you carry your bag is also important. If you carry a bag with only one hand, a mugger will easily snatch it from your hand. Meanwhile, if you use a backpack, you should just carry it in front of your body so that it’s easier for you to keep an eye on it. Don’t let valuables just disappear just because of how to carry a bag that is not wise enough.

Make sure your cellphone is always ready

At certain times, maybe you are in a situation that is quite dangerous but you cannot ask those around you for help. So, the only way you can do is ask for help via cellphone . Use the speed dial feature so you can call family or friends quickly.

However, in order to contact other people, of course your cellphone must be ready. So, make sure you never run out of battery. Always top up your credit and quota, so you don’t run out of battery and quota in an emergency. In addition, as much as possible use a provider card with a broad and stable signal so that you don’t experience signal difficulty when you have to ask for help.

Always carry objects that can be used for self-defense

In an emergency when you’re forced to face off against a bad guy, you also need to defend yourself as best you can. If the criminal is only after your luggage, just let it take it as the wisest move. Especially if the criminal is holding a gun.

However, if he is targeting you, then fight it. As much as possible, always carry an object that you can use to defend yourself. It can be a stun gun, pepper spray, umbrella, or even an iron bar that you deliberately carry with you just in case. Having martial arts skills will also be very helpful, but try to keep using an object as a weapon that will make it easier for you to take down the bad guy.

Apart from that, you can also use this object to fend off attacks, and most importantly, don’t hesitate to paralyze and even injure the criminal in self-defense.

Those are some steps to avoid clit. It would be even better if you always go with friends or relatives so you can minimize clit actions. In fact, it’s good when you come home too late, preferably on a busy and bright street.

Klitih Criminal Law

Klitih has a very negative impact and worries the community. The negative impact of this clit can also cause trauma, severe injuries, and even death to the victims. In addition, klitih can damage the morale of the next generation and disrupt order.

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Therefore, klitih entered into violent crimes. Klitih is also regulated in the Criminal Code (KUHP) article 170. The following is the contents of the Criminal Code regarding Klitih:

(1) Any person who openly and collectively uses violence against a person or property, is subject to a maximum imprisonment of five years and six months.

(2) While the guilty party shall be punished: By a maximum imprisonment of seven years, if he deliberately destroys objects or if the violence used results in various serious injuries. With a maximum imprisonment of nine years, if the violence results in serious injury. With a maximum imprisonment of twelve years, if violence results in death.

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This is information about clit , which is accompanied by steps to avoid it and its causes. Hopefully this article is useful!

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