Grocery Is: Definition, Types, and Tips

Grocery is – Various types of business options are all around us, but for those of you who want to focus on doing business while taking care of children and family at home, it seems like a grocery shop business can be the right choice.

The advantage of opening a stall or grocery store is that you can do business and earn money while at the same time being able to take care of your family at home with flexible time. However, before opening a grocery store business, it is necessary to have a list of goods to be sold, as well as ready capital.

So, what are the items that can be sold? Are you interested in opening a grocery store business? Before that, let’s look at the following review about what grocery means!

Definition of Grocery?

Grocery is included in small-scale markets or minimarkets , which are local grocery stores and shops that are easily accessible in general. Usually, grocery stores like this are located in busy and easy-to-reach areas, such as on the side of the road, at stations, terminals, and other crowded locations. Grocery is also often found in places or housing that is densely populated.

So simply, a grocery store is a place or shop that provides various kinds of daily necessities. Goods sold generally include all household needs and equipment, such as groceries, bath soap, cleaning tools, rice, kitchen needs, medicines, and so on.

From the past until now, grocery stalls are still in great demand. This is because the distance is close and easy to reach, a close relationship with the owner, is the main factor for the convenience of buyers in shopping.

In fact, sometimes, grocery store owners offer various waivers or provide credit, so that many buyers find it helpful and can be in debt for a while. Usually, those who use this system are in minimarkets and supermarkets.

Grocery stalls are included in the form of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or MSMEs, which were formed in order to support the Indonesian economy to reach 99% of all types of business in Indonesia. When Indonesia experienced a monetary crisis, these micro and small businesses became a counterweight to the country’s economy.

The Origin of the Grocery Store  

Grocery store has two different meanings, based on KBBI, grocery is a clapper that is sounded by sellers to attract the attention of buyers. The second meaning, grocery is various types of goods for human needs, especially daily needs, such as cutlery, toiletries, to food.

It is said that these grocers have existed since the 19th century, and have survived until now, with increasingly varied merchandise, such as food, drinks, spices, groceries, soap, and various other products.

At that time, many sellers who came from China were engaged in this business. Initially, they peddled these consumer goods by going around using a grocery store, and over time they started trading in a place permanently.

Since then, grocery stores have become the community’s main center for shopping and meeting their daily needs, as well as the effectiveness of locations or places that are usually not far from community housing.

Until the modern era like now, various businesses have sprung up and there have also been many modern giant retail stores, but this has not dampened the success of this grocery shop. Because there are still many people who prefer to shop for their daily needs at grocery stalls, especially in densely populated rural and urban areas.

In addition to its goods which are no less complete than those of large supermarkets or modern retail, the main factor in the grocery business surviving is the price which is lower than that of large supermarkets.

Types of Grocery Stalls 

Now, grocery stores have developed, and when viewed from the target consumer, these grocery stores are divided into two types, namely wholesale grocery stores and retail grocery stores. Of course, the difference between the two is in the way they are sold. Retail grocery stores sell their goods in retail or individually to buyers, and they generally wholesale them at wholesale grocery stores.

Generally, the target of potential retail grocery buyers is the community who usually shop for their needs individually. So what’s the difference between a grocery store and a retail store? Let’s look at the following explanation!

  1. Grocery Wholesale

Wholesale grocery stores are generally larger in shape and require large business capital as well. Why? Because, buyers have to shop in large quantities at once. Well, usually those who shop or wholesale at grocery stores are smaller scale stalls and retail grocery stores.

Even though you have to shop at wholesale grocery stores in large quantities, it doesn’t affect the wholesale grocery income turnover, because they already have many regular customers. Usually, distributors also provide payment system relief for their loyal customers.

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Wholesale grocery is also a business that has a large profit potential than retail grocery, because grocery grocery sells its goods in large quantities at once, and the level of competition is not too high, because not everyone can pursue the wholesale business, which of course has very large capital.

  1. Retail Grocery

Next, retail grocery. In contrast to wholesale grocery, retail grocery business does not require such a large amount of capital and the method of selling is retail or in units.

If you are interested in opening a retail grocery business, then you must have your own marketing strategy to get big profits. You must have the right strategy to find customers and minimize competition. The variety of goods to be sold must be as complete as possible.

Yes, even though opening a retail grocery business is relatively easy, the level of competition for retail stores is also very tight. So, if your grocery store is busy and has lots of customers, maybe you can double as a semi-agent, or sell retail products wholesale.

So, those are the types of grocery shop businesses, which are now being found more and more, and can be used as franchises at home. Are you interested in trying it?

Products that are usually sold in grocery stalls


If you want to try opening this grocery business, what products can be sold at the grocery store?

1. ATK equipment

The first products that are usually sold in grocery stores are stationery or school supplies and office supplies. Yes, of course, students and office workers who need this writing tool. You don’t need to be confused, there are lots of kinds of writing tools, such as pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, drawing books, envelopes, rulers, and so on.

2. Drinks

The next product is drinks. You can sell a variety of packaged drinks, ranging from mineral water, powdered drinks, to other variations of soft drinks so that buyers have many choices. Apart from that, also provide gallons of mineral water, because now there are so many people who need it.

3. Daily Needs 

The next item in the grocery store is people’s daily needs. For example, household items such as buckets, brooms, mops, brushes, and other household items.

4. Snacks or Snacks 

Next, the grocery store also provides a variety of snacks or light snacks. Grocery stores also usually sell instant noodles and various kitchen spices needed by housewives and the general public.

In Jakarta, there are many grocery stalls that provide various types of snacks or snacks with a wider variety, ranging from pastries, wet cakes, and various snacks that are liked by children to adults.

5. Drugs 

Usually, grocery stores also sell drugs that already have distribution permits, such as headache medicine, cough cold medicine, rheumatic pain medicine, eucalyptus oil, and various other medicines. What’s more, if the pharmacy near the house is far away, many people prefer to buy medicines at this grocery store.

6. Kitchen Needs

Then, there are also kitchen needs, namely groceries. Staple food is a basic or main need that is definitely needed by everyone, even every day there must be someone who buys this basic need. Of course, you can provide or sell staples such as rice, cooking oil, corn, beans, spices, sugar, meat, chicken, eggs, and you can even add fruit.

7. Washing Equipment and Bathing Equipment

Next is washing equipment and toiletries. Grocery stores usually provide these various necessities, bathing needs ranging from body soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and others. Likewise washing equipment such as detergents, clothes deodorizers, dishwashing soap, and so on.

8. Baby Needs

Then the grocery store also sells various baby needs. This need is also much sought after and needed by people who still have children under five. Baby needs that can be provided include baby bath soap, baby shampoo, telon oil, diapers, baby powder, and so on.

Tips for Opening a Grocery Store Business 

In order for the grocery store business to grow rapidly, there are several things that need to be considered, namely:

1. Strategic Place

If you want to open a grocery store business, then the first tip is to find a strategic location or place. The location must be easily accessible and in a densely populated residential area.

2. Make a List of Consumer Needs 

The second tip in running this business is to have a survey or make a list of consumer needs. This will help you monitor what most people need. The way to do this is to mingle with the community and then listen to their complaints about what goods or necessities are hard to find, then look for items that can be refilled and needs that are always running out.

3. Cooperation with Suppliers 

Then, if you want this grocery store to survive well, you have to be able to work with the right suppliers and be able to offer lower prices. With this, of course, it will minimize losses, return capital, and get profits.

If the seller makes a mistake in wholesale or purchases at an expensive place, it will allow the grocery store to suffer losses.

5. Hold a Promotion

The next tip, you can make various promotions. This can be done by creating banners, giving free gifts, or giving discounts on certain items. Of course this will be effective to attract buyers.

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6. Good Service

As we often hear, the customer is the ” king “, so any business we must provide the best service for customers. This will make consumers more loyal. Even if you only open a grocery store at home, be kind and friendly, even if the customers are your own neighbours.

7. Set the Layout of Goods

Finally, you have to arrange the layout of the items in the grocery store. This is of course to make it easier for buyers to shop and choose goods according to their needs in a shelf or place. In addition, the layout of the goods that are right or according to the type, of course, will also look neat so that consumers shop comfortably.

Sharp Marketing Strategy

In the business world, whether in the form of selling goods or services, a marketing strategy is indeed needed. As a form of product introduction to all levels of society, so that sales increase.

In other words, marketing or marketing are the various efforts of business people in selling, introducing their products or services to achieve the desired target.

Here are some marketing strategy concepts that can be implemented so that the business being occupied is more focused.

1. Target Market

In any business, you need to identify the market or target market. So, the clearer the target market, the greater the chances of success. For example, if your business is engaged in retail clothing for teenagers, then the production of clothing must also be adjusted for teenage sizes, and add variations to clothing knick-knacks or clothing models that are trending.

2. Digital Marketing Strategy 

The next marketing strategy is to use social media for marketing. Because, in this modern era, everyone must use a gadget.

For example, doing promotions via Facebook, Instagram, or other applications, this will certainly be more practical and affordable to all levels of society. Usually, online business people often use social media to promote their products and can work with influencers , so as to get a wide range of consumers.

3. Free Product Promotion

The next strategy is to hold a free product promotion. This strategy is powerful enough to attract consumer interest, because something free would be a shame to miss. In addition, so that consumers who have never known the product offered can try it first.

If the business is engaged in services, it can offer a free trial so that customers know and feel the advantages of the services offered. So, the marketing strategy by providing free product promotions to consumers is quite effective to implement.

4. Target Target

Next is to pay attention to the target, this also relates to a strategic location. If the place is crowded, the chances of sales will be high.

For example, if you intend to sell the needs of boarding children, then you can open a shop near campuses, schools, or where there are lots of rented houses.

5. Prize Promotion For Recommendation 

The next strategy is to give prizes for recommendations. This method can be done to attract the attention of consumers, because usually someone will trust and be interested if someone recommends it.

So for example, to get testimonials from consumers, you can give attractive gifts or incentives as a form of appreciation. Incentives or gifts don’t have to be money, but can be in the form of goods or discounts.

6. Establish Good Relations with Buyers

Next is to establish good relations with buyers, so that people like the products we sell. If consumers have repeatedly purchased our products, it means that they are loyal consumers and contributors to our income.

Give credit to consumers if you don’t want to lose or decrease purchases, because loyal customers are a valuable asset, so respond to all input and complaints from consumers, or you can give gifts directly to them.

Usually, this happens in the food business, because this business relies on consumer loyalty to continue to survive.

7. Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy 

The marketing strategy can also be done by word of mouth. This technique is quite effective, because you can immediately explain and communicate directly with consumers.

If a customer buys a product, then tries it and is satisfied, the customer will automatically notify other consumers. This will potentially attract new consumers, which of course will add new customers as well.

So, in order for the product to be liked by many people, manufacturers must pay attention to the various things mentioned above. As well as sellers must also maintain product quality and provide the best service for consumers.

So, that’s a summary of the meaning of grocery to some tips on opening a grocery store business and effective marketing strategies so that your grocery store business can progress and develop.

Until now, grocery stores are still one of the most promising and profitable businesses. However, now the competition is getting tougher, with the emergence of retail and various big businesses that have a good reputation and reputation.

In order for your grocery business to continue to grow and survive, you must have tips and various marketing systems that are practical, effective and efficient. You can read the book Marketing Revolution Revised Edition – Sensation

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Author: Veronika Novi