6 Examples of Christian Intercessory Prayer in Everyday Life

Examples of Christian Intercessory Prayer – Christians in living their daily lives and worship are certainly no strangers to intercessory prayer. Prayer is a way for Christians to communicate with God, conversation with God, or a medium to ask and give thanks to God.

Prayer in daily life should be a spiritual breath for every Christian. The Bible says “Keep Praying” (I Thess 5:17) in any circumstances or situations, both joy and sorrow. Prayer is not a one-way conversation, but a two-way conversation (between humans and God).

Many people may not understand the meaning of intercessory prayer. Intercessory prayer is often mentioned in church life or Christian religious life. If interpreted briefly, intercessory prayer is when humans pray on behalf of others.

As reported by Sabda.org , intercession is expressed in English as the word “intercession”, which means “to stand between two people”, as I am in that group, that is, I am standing between two people who come together before God.

The Meaning of Intercessory Prayer

According to Christian teachings, theological virtues do not originate in humans by nature. These virtues are instilled by God through Christ and then practiced by those who believe in Him.

Intercessory prayer is a prayer that is often mentioned in church life. Briefly, intercession is a prayer said by a human being on behalf of another person. That is, this prayer is intended to pray for other people, both known and unknown (in this case fellow Christians).

Intercessory prayer means prayer that is intended to meet one’s own needs, in this case praying for positive things and goodness for others. We can read intercessory prayers at any time, from the morning to the evening. However, this prayer is generally read when worshiping together at church or home, for example intercessory prayer during divine services, Sunday school, Sunday prayer, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, prayer for mothers, youth, men, and others. Apart from that, intercessory prayers are also often recited at certain religious commemorations, for example the intercessory prayers at Christmas, Easter, Mass, the ascension of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and so on.

Examples of Christian Intercessory Prayer

Praying for intercession may not be easy for some people, especially if you are not used to it. In general, intercessory prayer will be longer than personal prayer or Christian prayer that we pray before God on a daily basis.

It’s normal if, for example, you are a little nervous when you are suddenly appointed to bring intercessory prayer at a divine service. Me, you, and all of us may feel nervous. However, have faith in God that He will guide us in praying though.

For reference material, you can read and study some examples of Christian intercessory prayer below. This way, it will be easier and more familiar for you to offer intercession when needed later.

1. Example of Christian Intercessory Prayer for the Nation and Country

While in worship, of course, it is commonplace that the intercessor will also pray for our beloved nation and country. Praying for the leaders and hoping for the welfare and peace of the country are things that we can convey to God, especially like now when the world is being hit by the Covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic. It would be nice if we together prayed that God would soon remove the coronavirus from our country.

The following is an example of Christian intercessory prayer for the nation and state.

Our Father Jesus Christ who is in the kingdom of heaven, thank you Lord because today you give us the opportunity to gather together to strengthen one another and pray for one another. Dear Father, we pray especially for our nation Indonesia, the nation we live in, may You always provide protection for our nation Indonesia.

O God, may You keep Indonesia away from disaster, catastrophe, and clashes between tribes and religions. Unite all of our hearts Lord to be able to have a good impact on this country. We also don’t forget to pray for our leaders, O Lord. The President, the House of Representatives, to the leaders under them. May God give them wisdom, prudence, honesty, justice and also an attitude that fears You. yes Father. Thus, they can carry out their duties according to Your will.

Thus a short prayer from us, O Lord. May You always give us forgiveness for us. Thank you Lord, in the name of the Lord Jesus we pray. Amen.

2. Example of Christian Intercessory Prayer at the Time of Worship

At the time of worship, intercessory prayer is a common thing to do, whether it’s worship at church, community service, or other services.

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The following is an example of a Christian intercessory prayer text that can be learned and memorized during worship.

Glorious God. Thank you very much for the blessings and inclusion that You give, so that we can gather today to praise and glorify Your name together. Precious Lord, there are many things we want to struggle with on this occasion, but let us pray as You know what will happen.

We ask You, may you bless this church, the worship activities that we carry out can also add new souls, so that they can worship together with us. We also ask for the blessings of church servants, receptionists, tambourine players, spiritual singers, Sunday school teachers, and the congregation that attends the service. Also bless the congregation and worshipers in other churches who are both praising and glorifying Your name. Protect us from evil spirits and demons who want to interfere with the event.

In fact, we still have much to say, but You know better what we want to say. Let this prayer happen according to Your will like when You accompanied us with sunny weather today.

May God be willing to give joy in this room. May God give us a long life, so that this struggle and worship will be repeated in the future. Amen.

3. Example of Christian Intercessory Prayer during Sunday Service

As we know, every Sunday Christians worship, gather, and fellowship together with other congregations in the church.

Here is an example of Christian intercessory prayer for Sunday worship.

Jesus, who always blesses, you have brought many blessings to people on earth, including us whom you have blessed, so that we can live in worship this Sunday. We do have many shortcomings and often commit acts of sin, but You always forgive and love us as the Father’s love for His children.

We would like to take this opportunity to struggle, to pray on behalf of other people that You certainly knew long ago. Let this struggle happen according to what You know and want. We ask You that this place, the church that we live in as a means of worship praising and glorifying Your name, can add new souls, so that more and more people will worship.

We also ask of You, bless the church servants, ushers, worship leaders, tambourine players, musicians, to the congregations who take the time to attend, including those who have not had the opportunity to attend worship. We ask for Your participation so that next time they can be facilitated and there will be no obstacles to attend this activity.

We do not forget to ask You for peace in the environment, peace for the nation and the country. Help us to avoid people who mean bad things to the people of Indonesia. In fact, we still have much to ask for, but You know much better what we have to say. Let this struggle happen as You will.

May God bless all creatures on earth, giving inclusion, happiness, and joy. Let all worship You without any obstacles and hindrances. Let God work according to His will. God’s intervention will surely bring peace and happiness to all of us.

In the name of Jesus, Son of the Holy Spirit we ask for prayer. Amen.

4. Examples of Christian Intercessory Prayers Short and Clear

If you are still just learning to intercede, it certainly takes time. However, you can learn just a short intercessory prayer first to make it easier to learn. The more proficient you are, word by word, sentence by sentence, of course, the easier it will be for you to assemble it into a prayer of intercession.

God God the Father is eternal in the kingdom of heaven. At this time, we still and always give thanks. Lord Jesus, at this time we want to pray for our brothers, our families, our parents, Pastor, may You bless them. Give us all instructions to enter the path of truth.

We also want to pray for the president, vice president and high-ranking state officials to bless them. Give them health and strength so they can carry out their duties and responsibilities properly. We pray for our sick brothers and sisters, heal them with Your loving hands, bless the medicines they take so that they can recover only from Your miracles.

We also want to pray for abandoned children, orphans, fathers of widowers, mothers of widows, give them health and strength. Bless also the offerings we have given. We know that the offerings are few and not worth the blessings You have given us. May this offering be useful for the expansion of Your kingdom on this earth.

Please accept our prayer, O Father, only in the name of Your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

5. Example of Intercessory Prayer in the Morning After Waking Up

Morning is the time we start our daily activities. We certainly hope that all our activities will be carried out. However, you can also intercede in the morning, praying for yourself, for others around you, and for Christians around the world.

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Here’s an example of Christian intercession in the morning after getting up.

All-good Father, first of all we thank you very much because you have blessed our morning with full of happiness and joy. Thank you for giving a good sleep, cool morning air, peaceful atmosphere, and melodious birdsong. We are truly grateful for the blessings of Your Most Good gift.

There is something we want to struggle with and of course You already know it. However, let this struggle occur according to what You have known before.

God, bless all Christian families, all Indonesian people, and all creatures on earth to have a beautiful and cool morning like we got. Bless those who are still sleep deprived because of overtime work to get enough rest and live healthily. Bless those who have not found peace in the morning.

We know that life has dimensions. Some get joy and some get trials. However, we also believe that You are Great. We believe that You will give joy to every creature that believes in You.

In the name of the Lord Jesus we pray and ask. Amen.

6. Examples of Christian Intercession of Mothers’ Worship

The following is an example of Christian intercessory prayer for mothers.

Father who resides in heaven, thank you for all your inclusion throughout this day. On this day, let us give thanks because You have given us the opportunity, so that we can gather together to praise and glorify Your name. We have also listened to some of Your words which hopefully will be a strength and motivation for us in living life.

O Lord, in this special activity, let us pray for the families in this place who are willing to provide their time for worship. For housewives in this place who take part in women’s worship, may God always make their work smooth, both inside and outside. Also give wisdom so that you can educate your children and accompany your husband, whether it is difficult or happy.

For husbands at home, may God always provide health, smoothness in work, and effort so that they can always meet the needs of the family. Let them be the head of the household who can always guide their wife and children who always hope and are with You, and love and long to worship and serve God even more.

Not forgetting God, we pray through this women’s association, may God bless our hearts to always long for fellowship with You. For our brothers and sisters who haven’t been able to attend, for whatever reason, may God open a way in every problem, heal illnesses for those who are sick, and give guidance to those who are bewildered. Let through this fellowship, the name of God will be exalted and glorified.

This is the prayer that we offer to God, all the supplications and thanksgivings that we convey are known to you before they come from our lips. Let God make our request happen according to Your best will. In the name of the Lord Jesus as our savior, we have prayed and given thanks, hallelujah. Amen.


That’s an article related to “Examples of Christian Intercessory Prayer in Everyday Life” that you can use as a reference. Prayer should be spiritual food for Christians every day. Keep praying under any circumstances. Those are some examples of Christian intercessory prayer that you can study as reference material.

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