5 Examples of Social Conflict in Football and Their Understanding!

Example of Social Conflict – The world of football is always colored by various interesting things that happen on and off the field. Many interesting matches filled with emotion and tension were presented by the two teams who were playing to win in every game.

Not infrequently, the emotions of the spectators who were present to watch directly at the stadium or television viewers also felt euphoria when watching their favorite team play.

Football has indeed become one of the most popular sports by all people, both women and men from various parts of the world. No wonder social issues also color this one sport where the players respect each other when the match takes place even though when playing they do not hesitate to injure opposing players but after the match they will make up and hug each other again because the principle of playing fair play is really upheld high in this one sport.

Other social issues also color football, not only positive things, but we also see a lot of negative things happening in football games, such as acts of racism committed by fans against players against their favorite team or between football players themselves.

Not long ago, the act of giving sympathy to a victim of racism who died because his neck was clamped by police in America had become an issue that was quite lively in football with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter with the action that football players took, namely bending their knees just before the match started as an act of condolence. and giving the message that there is no place for football racism even around the world.

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With the presence of many social issues that color the passion of football, this topic is interesting for us to discuss in this discussion of examples of social conflict. Next, we will provide further explanation regarding acts of racism in football below.

Definition of Racism

Racism is the understanding that one’s own race is superior to other races. Racism is often associated with the concept of discrimination based on a person’s ethnicity, religion, race, customs, class, or physical characteristics.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), racism is defined as racial discrimination. Where racism is prejudice based on national origin; unilateral treatment of various countries (ethnicity).

Thus, racism is an understanding of discrimination against ethnicity, religion, race, custom (SARA), class, or similarity of physical characteristics for certain (biological) purposes.

Racism in general can be understood as an act of attacking attitudes, tendencies, statements and actions for or against groups of people, especially on the basis of racial identity.

Racist acts occur in various areas of social life such as education, healthcare, entertainment, etc. The existence of racist behavior can cause divisions, both among people and with certain groups.

Being born as a human with physical characteristics such as black skin, flat nose, curly hair, should not be seen as a mistake or a “genetic sin”. No human being has the right to choose when to be born, including being born with a “disabled” condition. This is purely God’s destiny. In other words, the shape and color of human skin is an undeniable feature of God. On the other hand, diversity and differences in skin color must be understood as racial pluralism, not showing superiority. Because all human beings are created by God equally and are endowed with individual rights that originate from nature and reason.

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There is a lot of racism in the world of sports, both in Indonesia and abroad. For example, black players yell at fans like “monkeys”, etc. This can distract the player’s concentration, but also disrupt the flow of the game and damage the spirit of sportsmanship. Racism in the world of football often occurs in matches between countries or between clubs in Europe due to many factors such as a country’s past history, national ego and the existence of economic disparities between the two countries.