What is Legal Sociology? Definition, Characteristics, and Examples

What is Legal Sociology? Definition, Characteristics, and Examples – Sociology in the field of science plays an important role in developing knowledge that is increasing rapidly today. Humans themselves are social beings who in their daily life must socialize with each other with other humans. This is what gave rise to a branch of science called sociology whose main focus is studying social activity between humans.

In social life, humans must always apply sociological values ​​in their activities such as buying and selling transactions, establishing business relationships, or even looking for a life partner requires social activities that are based on sociological values ​​because it is impossible for humans to carry out all activities without need the help of others in their daily activities.

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And, in a social stratum, laws are definitely needed to regulate every human activity so that there is no chaos caused by irresponsible humans when carrying out their free will. Indeed, every human being has the freedom to determine his own way of life, but when there is no law in human social activity, this freedom actually interferes with the freedom of other humans.

For this reason, there is a study of the sociology of law which regulates the relationship between sociology and law itself in regulating human and social relations.

Furthermore, we have summarized the explanation of what legal sociology is below!