difference between rer and ser

Difference Between RER and SER

The terms RER (Real Effective Exchange Rate) and SER (Simple Effective Exchange Rate) are frequently mentioned in the world of finance and economics. Although they are both used to measure a country’s currency strength, they differ in various ways. In this article, we will discuss the differences between RER and SER and their significance in the financial world.


RER is an index used to measure the relative value of a country’s currency against a basket of other currencies weighted by trade. It reflects the overall competitiveness of a country’s currency in the international market. In contrast, SER is a simpler measure of exchange rate that does not include a trade-weighted basket of currencies. It is merely the exchange rate between two currencies.

Method of Calculation

RER is calculated by taking the nominal exchange rate and adjusting it for inflation differentials and trade imbalances. The weights assigned to each currency in the basket reflect the importance of that currency in the country’s total trade. On the other hand, SER is calculated by dividing the foreign currency price by the domestic currency price.

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RER is crucial in assessing a country’s competitiveness in the global market, as it takes into account the trade-weighted basket of currencies. If a country’s currency is deemed overvalued in comparison to other currencies, then it can have negative consequences on its trade competitiveness. SER, on the other hand, reflects only the exchange rate between two specific currencies, without considering any other factors.


In conclusion, although both RER and SER are measures of exchange rate, they differ significantly in their composition and method of calculation. RER is a more comprehensive index used to measure the overall competitiveness of a country’s currency. In contrast, SER is a simpler measure used to reflect the exchange rate between two specific currencies. It is essential to understand the difference between these two measures to make informed investment decisions in the financial world.

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