difference between queen and full size

The Difference Between Queen and Full Size Mattresses – Which One is Right for You?


When it comes to choosing a mattress, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is deciding on the size. The two most common options are queen and full size mattresses. While they may look similar, they have significant differences that can affect your sleep quality and overall comfort. Here, we will discuss the differences between the two bed sizes to help you make an informed decision.


One of the essential differences between queen and full-size mattresses is their dimensions. A queen size mattress is larger than a full size mattress, measuring 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. In contrast, a full-size mattress measures 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. That means a queen-size bed will provide an additional six inches in width and five inches in length, making it the ideal choice for couples who want more sleeping space.

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Comfort and Support

Comfort and support are crucial when it comes to choosing a mattress. A queen size mattress provides more sleeping space, making it a more comfortable option for couples who require personal space when sleeping. Moreover, queen-size mattresses often come with better support systems to accommodate the additional weight and pressure points of two users.

On the other hand, a full-size mattress can offer ample comfort and adequate support for solo sleepers. If you sleep alone and don’t need the extra space, a full-size bed can be a good option. Moreover, full-size mattresses are often cheaper than their queen-size counterparts, making them an excellent choice for those on a budget.

Room Size

Another factor to consider when choosing a mattress size is the size of your bedroom. Queen-size mattresses take up more space and require larger rooms. If you have a smaller bedroom, a full-size mattress can be an excellent option because it takes up less space and provides enough sleeping area. Besides, if you have a guest room or a smaller apartment, a full-size mattress would be the better option.

Finding the Right Mattress Size

Choosing between a queen and full-size mattress ultimately depends on your personal preference and sleeping needs. If you’re a single sleeper with limited space, a full-size mattress may be sufficient for you. However, if you sleep with a partner or require more sleeping space, a queen-size mattress is the better option.

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To sum up, queen and full-size mattresses offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. Consider your budget, sleeping preferences, and the size of your bedroom when choosing between the two. Remember, a good night’s sleep depends on the right mattress size, so take the time to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Table difference between queen and full size

Queen Size Full Size
Width 60 inches 54 inches
Length 80 inches 75 inches
Surface Area 4,800 square inches 4,050 square inches
Recommended for Couples, larger adults, guest rooms, master bedrooms Single sleepers, children, smaller guest rooms
Price More expensive than full size Less expensive than queen size