9 Properties of Water and the Benefits Provided for Human Life

Nature of water – The need for water in everyday life is very necessary. In fact, water can also provide many benefits to human life.
Not only that, it is also said that humans can survive without food for 40 days, but they still need to maintain body fluid intake by drinking water. That means, the existence of water is really needed by humans.

Although we often use it in various kinds of daily activities. However, most of us only use water according to our needs without knowing the properties of water, or maybe you only know one or two of the properties of water.

Even though water itself has more than two properties. No need to be confused if you really don’t know much about the properties of water.

Because in this article we will discuss more about the nature of water and all things related to water itself. So, watch this review till the end, Sinaumed’s.

Nature of Water

Water is a type of goods in the category of free goods. That means, water can be obtained freely by humans, plants and animals. Therefore, we can get water more easily even though at certain times the availability of water becomes scarce, such as when the dry season arrives.

Water is also the type of object that is so easy to move. This is none other than because water is a liquid. It is undeniable that liquid objects are synonymous with water. Where liquid objects have special properties that are not owned by other types of objects such as solid objects or gas objects.

It is also so attached to water that it is better known as the nature of water. There are several properties of water which you can read in full below.

1. Can Change Shape

The first property of water is that it can change form. However, this property can also be possessed by solids and gases. The nature of water that can change shape is often used by humans.

For example, when water is heated to a certain temperature within a certain time, it can turn into steam. The presence of water vapor is a form of gas. In addition, when water is cooled in the refrigerator it will turn into ice.

This object, which is named ice, is a form of solid matter. From these two opposite conditions, we will know if water can change form according to the conditions it has.

These two changes in the form of water are also often used by humans. For example, water vapor is often used by humans in the health and beauty fields. Then, chilled water is often used for food and beverage purposes, namely as the main ingredient for making cold drinks.

2. Flow From High Places To Low Places

The next property of water is that water can flow from a high place to a lower place. This might be the same as the force of gravity on other objects on earth, namely moving from the highest place to a lower place.

The second property of water is also widely known by humans. Therefore, to prove this property, we can look at examples of water in rivers and waterfalls.

The river is always filled with water that flows from the upstream side to the downstream side. This also applies to waterfalls. The water in the waterfall area will flow from a certain height far away and will go to a lower place.

The movement of water in the mountains will flow through the river until it finally empties into the beach which basically has lower land conditions. In addition to evidence from nature, we as humans can also prove that the nature of water is to flow from a high place to the lowest place by pouring a glass of water on sloping land, then the movement of the water will go to lower land.

3. Seeps Through Cracks

Water is an object that is so flexible or often referred to as liquid. Where one of the properties possessed by water is that it can seep through small cracks. We can find this small gap in various places.

Molecules that are owned by water with a small size can more easily seep into places that have small holes with larger holes than the molecules that are owned by the water itself.

As an example, in fact, the water that we pour on the surface of the ground in dry conditions, over time, the water will run out. This can happen because the area in the ground has gaps that are so small that water can seep through.

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From this it can be answered why water that occupies a room can make the soil conditions around it also become wet even though the soil is not drained by water directly.

4. The Nature of Capillarity

The characteristic feature of the next water is that it has capillary properties. If we hear the term capillary action, then we will definitely think of it as water. Actually what is meant by capillarity itself? Simply put, capillarity is a force.

It should be noted that water can move upward against the force of gravity with the help of capillary force. If previously we also knew that one of the properties of water is that it flows from the highest place to a lower place, then water also has the property of a force that can oppose the force of gravity of the earth itself.

To be able to prove the existence of capillarity in water, we can observe an incident where a cloth is exposed to water. If only the end of the cloth is exposed to water, then the water will eventually wet the other parts of the cloth even though these parts are at a higher place.

The next example is the condition that occurs on the wick of an oil lamp. On the oil lamp wick, which can always be burned, because the oil at the bottom of the container will be lifted to the end of the wick due to capillary forces.

5. Have a Calm or Flat Surface

The next property of water is that it has a calm and flat surface. We can see this one trait on the surface of ponds and lakes where the water in that area does not flow, it will provide a flat surface and have flat properties.

Water also has a flat and calm surface at any place and with a certain slope. Not only in water areas, but also in ponds and lakes. The reason is, we humans can also prove ourselves related to the calm and flat nature of water.

Water that has an uneven surface is only when it is in a vacuum or vacuum area. Such a place can be found while in outer space.
The reason is, in outer space, water will fly like a spill condition. In fact, if we try to pour water into a glass, then the water will not enter the glass itself but will fly because outer space is void of air and void of gravity.

6. Water Has Mass

The next characteristic of water is that it has a certain mass or weight. Mass or weight is a property that all types of objects will have. Of course, these properties will be possessed by liquid objects such as water.

We can prove the existence of this property by ourselves by using two buckets. Where we will fill one bucket with water in a certain size and we will leave the other bucket empty.

When we lift the two buckets simultaneously, the bucket filled with water will have a heavier condition. Apart from using buckets, there are still lots of containers that will have heavier conditions if filled with water such as gallons, drums and so on.

7. Water will Occupy Space

The next property of water is that water will always occupy space and actually water is a flexible object. That means, water can easily change shape according to the container that holds it.

This property is one of the properties possessed by water and not even possessed by solid objects. Therefore, we can observe the nature of this water in places such as glasses, bottles, buckets and so on.

When water is put into any container, it will never happen if the hole in the container is not enough for water to enter. No matter how small the hole in the container is, water will surely be able to enter it because basically the nature of water is to occupy space.

8. Can Dissolve Some Substances

Another unique property possessed by water is that water can dissolve several substances. This property is also a popular property possessed by water. Where we will also more easily find the nature of this water in everyday life.

Water, which can dissolve several substances, is often used by humans. In fact, we can also prove the existence of this one property of water more easily in everyday events, namely when we make drinks or food.

The taste of fresh water or having no taste will turn sweet if the water is added with sugar which will then be stirred. This also applies when water is mixed with salt and stirred, then the water that was originally fresh will turn out to taste salty.

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When we stir sugar or salt in water, the substances that are added, such as sugar and salt, will slowly disappear and melt into flavors.

In addition to taste, we can also pay attention to changes in the color of the water. When we add dyes to water, the water which was originally clear will turn cloudy because of the melt of the dyes.

The existence of the examples above can prove if water has properties that can dissolve a certain substance.

9. Water Always Presses in All Directions

The next property of water is that water will press in all directions or in all directions. When water is spilled onto a flat surface, it will spread in all directions. Whether it’s to the right, left or backwards.

All of these areas will be exposed to water and the portion of the water that will spread is the same. Apart from that, we can also observe when water is fully filled into a container which will then be perforated at the bottom so that there are several holes in different positions.

From these conditions we will know if water will come out of all the holes regardless of the position of the holes.

Those are some of the properties possessed by water as a liquid. Then, are some of the properties described above only possessed by water or maybe other liquids have them? Of course in general liquids will have these properties.

However, there are also some liquids that do not have some of the properties of water. The properties mentioned above can be regarded as the distinctive properties of water. In addition, the properties above can also be referred to as the characteristics possessed by water.

Benefits of Water in Human Life

Previously we have studied together about the properties of water. Next, we will learn together about the benefits of water in everyday life. If you only know that water can be used for drinking or other purposes such as bathing and washing, then the explanation below will make you understand better if the benefits of water are not only that.

1. Helping Daily Work

The existence of clean water can be used in daily work. For example for household chores, such as washing clothes or washing household furniture. By using clean water, dirty clothes will be easier to clean.

Dirt that was in the clothing area and a source of disease can disappear, so that the clothes are more suitable for wearing. As for household furniture, the presence of clean water can be used to clean spoons, plates, forks, glasses and other household utensils.

2. Helping Agricultural Irrigation

Availability of water is one of the factors supporting the success of farmers’ harvests. Irrigation systems that use clean water will be beneficial for maintaining soil fertility and the quality and yield of farmers’ production will be even better.

Usually, farmers will use river or lake water for irrigation purposes. However, many rivers and lakes are already polluted by industrial and household waste.

Water that has been polluted and used for irrigation has the potential to contain harmful compounds or organisms, which can reduce the quality of the yields obtained. The land that is drained by the water will also lose its fertile condition.

If the polluted crops are consumed for a long time, this will trigger disease which is certainly very dangerous for human health.

3. Energy Supplier

The existence of clean water is not only needed by humans, but also needed by other living things, such as animals and plants to meet the needs of fluids in the body. Clean water that animals drink will be a useful source of energy. This also applies to plants that need water to help their growth period.

4. Helps Maintain Environmental Ecosystems

Apart from humans, the presence of clean water can also be used to protect the environmental ecosystem. For example, the presence of clean water can maintain river water biota and be used for irrigation and aquaculture. River ecosystems that are well maintained can be used for educational and learning recreational purposes.

As we already know that water is very important for life. Not only important for humans, but also very much needed by animals and plants. Therefore, it is necessary for us to maintain the availability of water by saving water. That way, we can feel the benefits of water for quite a long time.

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