50+ Examples of Imperative Sentences and Their Definitions and Differences with Persuasive Sentences

Examples of Imperative Sentences – Basically, imperative sentences in Indonesian and English as imperative sentences are the same . The similarity is that this type of sentence does contain the intention of ordering or asking with the aim of the speech partner, aka the interlocutor. Many people think that this imperative sentence is always related to governing matters, but it’s not …Imperative sentences … Read more

50 Examples of Figurative Sentences and Their Meanings

Figurative Sentences – Figurative sentences are one of the language styles that are often used in everyday life. Generally, figurative words are used to describe something, starting from an object, the nature of a person, to a physical form. This language style is often used in everyday conversation or used in written form. In general, the meaning of … Read more

5 Types of Research: Quantitative, Qualitative to Mixed

5 Types of Research – Research is one way to develop or advance a system. The system in question is an existing order or knowledge. For example, there is knowledge about exercising to make the body healthier. After that, further research will be carried out to prove and develop this knowledge. Through research, we can … Read more

5 Types of Oceans in the World and Their Characteristics

5 Types of Oceans in the World and Their Characteristics – Earth is the only planet in the universe with the most perfect composition to be inhabited by living things. All components needed by living things such as air, water and soil are available with balanced components. The earth itself has a diverse natural appearance, … Read more

5 Types of Financial Statements and the Purpose of Making them

Types of Financial Statements – Did Sinaumed’s know that every company, both small and large, is required to prepare a financial report? Yep, this financial report is an important document to show how the financial condition of a company is. In fact, not infrequently, these financial reports will become the main information when evaluating the … Read more

5 Types of Environmental Pollution, What Are They?

Types of Pollution – Does Sinaumed’s realize that as time progresses, the natural environment becomes dirty? The meaning of the word “dirty” is that nowadays there is a lot of pollution going on in the environment which of course is a major problem in every country, not only in Indonesia. Yep, this environmental pollution is … Read more

5 Time Machine Theory and Discussion About Time Travel

Time Machine – In this modern era there may still be some people who believe that someone can travel to the past. The trip is usually done by using a time machine. In fact, there are already several time machine theories that believe that traveling to the past can be done. Time Machine Some people … Read more

5 Strategies to Stay Productive Even While Studying from Home

sinaumedia Literacy – The spread of the corona virus throughout the world has made many affected countries decide to lock down, in Indonesia itself. This regulation then requires people to do activities from home, including working and studying from home. Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim explained that a number of areas closed schools … Read more

5 Reasons Indonesia is Called a Maritime Country

Why is Indonesia Called a Maritime Country? – A maritime country is a country engaged in the waters sector. Maritime countries have an abundant supply of water. Not only that, there are activities carried out by maritime countries. One of the maritime countries is Indonesia. Why is Indonesia called a maritime country? This article will … Read more

5 Properties of Magnets, Here’s an Explanation of the Definition, Types, and Complete Forms

Magnetic Properties – Sinaumed’s must be familiar with magnets because many objects take advantage of magnetic properties to carry out their functions. The study of physics proves that the nature of magnets has many benefits for humans to meet the needs of everyday human activities. Actually, how does the concept of magnet work? The following … Read more

5 Prayers for Sick People in Islam

Prayers for Sick People – Visiting sick people is not just bringing fruits or delicious food. Not only to entertain patients. Visiting a sick person is incomplete if it is not accompanied by a prayer so that the sick person will get well soon. On this occasion, we will discuss prayers that we can read … Read more

5 Prayers for Mothers Who Have Died

Prayer for a Mother Who Has Died – Losing a mother figure will certainly make someone feel sad. When you haven’t completely let go of your mother who has passed away, Sinaumed’s can pray for your mother so that this feeling of longing can be over soon. Apart from that, sending prayers, Sinaumed’s also did … Read more

5 Prayers for Both Parents in Islam

Prayers for Both Parents – Saying prayers for both parents is one of the practices of pious and pious children which is highly favored by Allah SWT. In Islam, praying for both parents is one way to be devoted. Praying for both parents does not have to be only on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, … Read more

5 Prayers After Dhuha Prayer For A Better Life

Prayer after Duha prayer – Sinaumed’s, who is Muslim, must have known very well how easy it is for Muslims and Muslim women to seek rewards as their provisions in the afterlife. Apart from carrying out the obligations ordered by Allah SWT, there are many more things you can do to get rewards. The simplest … Read more

5 People Who Can Pay Fidyah

5 People Who Can Pay Fidyah – Fidyah is something that is familiar to Muslims. Fidyah is matters related to fasting. Fidyah is a solution that can be done by a Muslim who is seen as physically unable to carry out the fasting of Ramadan. In addition to that, it is certain that Muslims know … Read more

5 Most Popular Legends in Indonesia

The Most Popular Legend in Indonesia – Our country has many legends which are spread all over Indonesia. In these legends indirectly teach readers about commendable things. Even some families also make legends or folklore as bedtime stories. Most of the legends that circulate throughout Indonesia tell about the origins of an area. However, there … Read more

5 Indonesian Heroines Who Should Be Emulated

5 Indonesian Female Heroes Who Should Be Emulated – Sinaumed’s friends, do you know the meaning of heroes? According to the definition of the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), a hero is someone who stands out because of his courage and sacrifice in defending the truth. They are brave warriors. In addition, a hero is also … Read more

5 Important Reasons Why You Must Have Honest Character

Important Reasons Why You Must Have Honest Character – Being honest is something that is easy to think about, but often difficult to say. Honesty is not only to other people. But also to myself. Honesty is one of the most valuable things. Saying something honestly is a self-reflection. It has to do with him … Read more

5 Hidden Types of Betawi Art

Betawi art is one of the cultural assets of the Indonesian people, especially the Betawi people. Even so, currently Betawi arts and other arts are becoming less desirable. This is because various foreign cultures entered Indonesia. With various foreign cultural influences coming in, regional arts such as Betawi art are slowly being forgotten. In fact, … Read more

5 Hadiths About Love, Types of Hadiths, and Their Narrators

Hadith About Love – In Islamic teachings, a Muslim has two things that are used as guidelines in living life throughout. The first is the Al-Qur’an which was revealed by Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala to the Prophet Muhammad SAW. In it, the qur ‘an has discussed everything. Starting from the oneness of Allah Subhanahu wa … Read more

5 Famous Hindu Kingdoms in Indonesia

Hinduism became one of the religions that developed rapidly in the archipelago in the past. This religion was brought by travelers from India named Maha Resi Agastya. This rishi in Java is known as Batara Guru or Dwipayana. The majority of Hindu teachings that developed in the archipelago at that time were Vaisnawa schools, namely … Read more

5 Famous Buddhist Kingdoms in Indonesia

Famous Buddhist Kingdoms in Indonesia – Buddhism which spread in the Archipelago was originally an intellectual belief and had little to do with the supernatural. In the process, however, the political necessity and personal emotional desire to be protected from the dangers of the world by a powerful goddess, has led to modifications in Buddhism. … Read more

5 Examples of the Most Popular Javanese Proverbs Accompanied by Their Meanings and Explanations

Examples of Javanese Proverbs – The majority of Javanese people are known as individuals who have good manners and inspired life that is full of meaning from their ancestors. They use Javanese as a conversation in everyday life. Javanese is one of the regional languages ​​which is quite popular today. Apart from having many speakers, … Read more

5 Examples of Short Speeches on Various Themes and Explanations!

Examples of Short Speeches – When attending an event, we will definitely meet people giving speeches. Generally, this is done at the beginning of the event. Each speech that is delivered has its own theme, depending on their goals, the atmosphere, and also the conditions. Therefore, before giving a speech, there are several preparations that … Read more